Joe Rizzo of GoToFunnels

Joe Rizzo

Business Development Strategist of GoToFunnels
Joe has owned and scaled a 7 figure business, and has consulted for several 8 figure businesses. He has worked with over 1000 businesses to help them grow.


Finding Your USP And Growing Past Your Bottlenecks

Joe Rizzo of GoToFunnels
I like to ask my clients what makes them different, and why they got into business.

These days it feels like there are so many businesses that are cookiecutter copies of other businesses. They don’t stand out in the slightest and seemingly have no Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Joe’s success
Focusing on that businesses Unique Selling Proposition. From what Joe has seen, there are very few businesses that are new or innovative, therefore, focusing on and understanding what makes them different from their competitors is a huge piece of the puzzle.
Result if you follow the steps in Joe’s session
You can focus on what you are doing well and amplify that. Most businesses focus on their holes, and trying to fill them, and they miss what is working well for them. If they put in place a true action plan, with processes in place, they can focus on what they are good at and scale.

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We’re so quick to start a business, we spend a lot of time looking at if it’s local business. I look at location or their website, as opposed to really looking at why they got into business. What makes someone different? That’s what they should be spending time. Really looking at how can they differentiate themselves from the marketplace.

What are their core values? How do they want to be known not just by their customers, but also by their peers? They want to be known as the quickest. They want to be known as the least expensive. Or they want to be known as the best service.

And so I think really taking that time as a business owner to think about, you know, spend that much time to think about what is going to be unique about us. How we’re going to be different, how can we build upon that and create the experience not just for our customers and clients but also for people that work inside of organization, our team. So we can be unique, we can stand out good company.

I think it comes to mind with that Zappos, you know, that they talked about their core values and people literally go and tour Zappos, just because they’re so different than you know, their motto, I think is, “Our purpose is to live and deliver wow”. And they literally live by that experience.

Other business go to see them to see how they can emulate what they’ve done. It’s because they’ve created something unique. And they’re known not just in their business, but by other, by their peers, not just from their clients, but their peers. They create an experience for everyone involved.

I think you can do that. You can create something that is unique whether you’re a real estate agent, like I said, I’m a dentist, a chiropractor, a local business, a flower shop. How can you create that unique experience for each of your clients and customers and also be known for that? So it does take some time. Definitely dive into that.

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