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Joe Sanok

Consultant at Practice of the Practice

Joe Sanok is a consultant and has built his business through a few platforms including Facebook live, YouTube, blogging, and email opt-ins.

He shows private practice owners how he has consistently doubled his income. Beyond that, he is passionate about creating a lifestyle first and fitting the business into that.

As a multi-six figure business owner, Joe works three days per week and shows how to increase income, impact, and influence to change the world.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Joe’s success

Quickly creating opt-ins based on a Facebook Live

Result if you follow the steps in Joe’s session

Create more content, in less time, so that you can grow outside of your own time limitations

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So when you’re doing a Facebook Live, one of the best strategies is to schedule them out at a time if you want to have that engagement within the Facebook Live. And so you may say that every Monday at 7pm, I’m going to be doing a Facebook Live.

Now I take a different model. I don’t do that because my main engagement isn’t just to get people on that Facebook Live and to have them making the comments. For me it’s being able to create a lot of content quickly.

And so looking at the numbers, if someone’s schedules it out, lets the audience know they’re going to get better numbers than I would typically get.

So when I randomly show up, I’m going to have anywhere from five to 15 people that jump onto the live, they may end up sharing the video afterwards, they may end up commenting afterwards, you want to be active within that. So you’re getting more comments, because then you’re going to rank higher in those people’s feeds.

So then the next step, and YouTube will get anywhere in the first week, we won’t usually get a ton of views within YouTube, will get 100 or so. But usually we’ll get a couple thousand views over time. And that’s where you’re just building your library.

So if you’re just starting out, maybe you don’t have all of the infrastructure set up yet. Just doing Facebook Lives and saving all those videos, someday users content is a great way to just get your name out there.

And then say, someday I’m going to take these videos and turn them into all these other steps. So even if you’re just starting out, you can do some things.

So then when we look at the blog posts, it’s a lot easier to then be creating content on a regular basis because if you have people reading your blog posts, if they see that every day or two, you’re releasing new videos, you’re releasing new content, they’re going to come back for those posts that you really make money on, or that you really get the email opt ins for.

And so for us, we don’t see it as the short game of for every single one. How do we get you know, numbers for that? But more of a long game of how do we create a bulk of content?

That over time when someone says how do you name a practice, we say, oh, you go over to this, so that our audience is saying you’ve covered literally everything start to finish and starting a practice? Is there a blog post you don’t have or video you don’t have?

I want it to be to the point that I’ve created a Facebook Live about almost any questions someone would have.

And then when we look at numbers, we’ve specifically seen our opt ins go up by about 200%. Over the last six months, we’ve been doing it and so on a typical day, a few months ago, we’re getting about 20 or so opt ins a day, for that particular page.

And then now we’re seeing anywhere between 60 and 70 opt ins a day for those pages. And so over time, you see it starts to build more and more traffic.

Because now you have more and more content on your website, and helpful pop ups that are giving people infographics and things that are going to help them build their own skill set.

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