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John Doherty

Founder at Credo

John Doherty is the founder of GetCredo.com, a service to help businesses hire the right digital marketing provider, specializing in SEO providers. In 2 years, he bootstrapped it to $350k ARR, sent over $7M of work to agencies and consultants, and helped over 1,100 businesses connect with agencies while driving ~250k unique visitors a year to the site.

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Drip sales email funnel with scarcity as main tactic and reverse psychology

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The way I did it was, I don’t actually remember the exact topics and it’s gonna be different for every, you know, for every launch, but I think the lesson to take away from it is, I mean, if you’re not talking to your customers, you’re doing it wrong, right?

Yeah, we work on the internet but like, you’re providing a service to someone you need to be communicating with them, right, by email, on the phone, etc. Especially if they’re paying you like $1,000 or more a month like you have to be catching up with them.

But the big thing for me was, so I had a drip campaign, drip email campaign that was like, three, I think was three emails and then the final like, you know, schedule a phone call with me, and basically just like building up to it.

And so it was questions around like, you know, how probably exposing all from Credo like, you know, what our average project size is like, basically the questions that like people have been asking me and also like, when I was on sales calls with other people, right?

Like, it was basically like every business has when you’re doing like sales on the phone. You hear the same three to five questions all the time, right? So write emails about those and answer them you know, it’s not that hard. But you know, it’s basically like followed by people in more and more.

So I wrote those emails and just like took them down and did it like three days in a row. You know, tomorrow I’m gonna like email and basically say, like, you know, I have you on this list because I had something big coming up. I think you might be interested, this is what I’m thinking, you know.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you, you know, tell you a bit more and talk a bit more about like, you know, how projects have been closing on Credo and the problem and how I’m proposing this fault and then you know, kind of down the line like that.

So I was building up excitement for it, right, and building up anticipation that basically after the second one I had like three or four people email me and be like, you just give me the freaking link already to schedule phone call. And I’m like, No, you need to like, you need to read the next one. And then on Thursday, you’re going to get the link. You know, like I made them go through that process.

So and you know, they weren’t frustrated, they were just like excited. Excited to get going on it. And then afterwards, I think it’s really important and I learned this from Jennifer Born, friend of mine in the WordPress space, but she’s all about automating your agency. So basically, like then, after that, after they sign up, then also have a set email drip.

Then it’s like, okay, now that you’ve signed up, like, you know, just to reiterate all the things we talked about on the phone and I talked about before, like, this is, you know, this is, for me, it’s like there’s not much work. I’m looking to send you, this is how the process works, is where the leads are coming from. This is what I’m looking to do to grow Credo over the next six months, right?

Like, all those things that I had been asked just to answer those questions, so I didn’t have to answer them time and time again. So they basically got like, so yeah, it was like a three drip cell email sequence, a final schedule phone call with me. And then you know, congratulation, you’ve been a stop dead, okay, it’s live sign up.

And then like another three or four emails, you know, to just like reiterate information, once they were actually paying me, they get those until they actually start paying us.

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