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John Nemo has developed a system to automate your entire webinar process, from signup to post-sale customer service!

Over the past 60 days, John has averaged 6-8 sales per week of a $1497.00 USD online training program, LinkedIn Riches, all without having to spend any time “live” online doing the webinar itself or even the sales process or follow-up sequences.


LinkedIn Status Updates Bring Results! Here’s How

What I focus on with my book “LinkedIn Riches” and the associated training I offer is helping small business owners, coaches, and consultants use LinkedIn to generate more leads, sales, and revenue. I stumbled onto LinkedIn when I was working as an employee and I had the itch to strike out on my own.

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Using LinkedIn Status updates to bring in results

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Higher engagement on your LinkedIn status updates by using photos and gifs with your posts

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I think it’s kind of a big question mark, for a lot of people using LinkedIn is “What do I do in there? How do I stand out? What’s the purpose? How do I get attention?”. And I think the biggest thing you have to understand with LinkedIn status updates is a couple of things.

One is you are front and center, you are very visual. As soon as people log in, they’re going to see their status updates. A lot of people if they use the LinkedIn, mobile apps might have notifications enabled, that they might have certain updates from you, from their connections popping up on their phone. Now the whole thing was status updates or status as you say.

I like your accent. By the way, I’ll just be the borish American. Okay, you be the coolest Australian, sounds good, Liam? Yeah.

Yeah, why not? Let’s go for it. I’m calm and collected but it’s really early here in the morning, that’s probably why I’m still kind of passive. It’s because I’m still maybe half asleep.

I’ll have you laughing out loud by the end the promise. Alright, so the thing about it is I really want to focus on a couple of things, you know really understanding the number one mistake I see being made with status updates is people just putting in kind of sales pitches or you know, kind of come do this, visit my site, do this, do that.

And instead, I want to really show people a status update area is actually a place to be really personable, it’s best for personal branding and attention.

And so I’m going to take, can I take over the screen now and show people some examples of what I’m talking about?

Yeah, let’s go for it.

All right, let’s get loose on the screen share factor. Alright, so we should be able to see Liam, let me know if you’re seeing this. Are you seeing this? All right now? Again? Yeah. All right, good.

So what you can see I’m in my newsfeed here on the desktop. And you can see, as I scroll through, right, there’s just an avalanche, a river a torrent of updates to be to be going through.

Now, let’s think about this for a second when I look at my updates, and you can go under profile your updates. Let’s look at my stream, you can see some things here, I’ve got kind of the typical update, which is, hey, here’s a post, you know, you can look and see how small the photo is.
But let’s go down a little bit. We’ll show you some other ones. Look at how that one jumps out, right with a big photo. And that’s a very easy one to replicate.

And so one of the first tips I want to give our audience is how to get a status update. This is a great comparison side by side right when you’re scrolling through, Liam, flying through what catches your attention this big image, right? Not along Liam, tell me I’m right, right?

Yeah, absolutely. Like, suddenly jumps out at you for sure. Because it breaks the kind of mold that everyone else was before.

Yeah, perfect. And so here’s how you do that. So let’s say I have, I want to just post this update. So let’s say I’ll just go and do that again. So I’ll go into home. And it’s what you do is there’s kind of a little secret sauce behind this, what you want to do is put in your text, and you can put in your link to your page. So let’s just say I want to send it to a landing page on my site.

Okay, so let’s say I want to get people to sign up for a webinar, which is common for small business owners, entrepreneurs, right. Okay, let’s say I want to link them to this page. So what I do is I go back over to my tab here, hopefully, it’s going to work, there we go. And I paste in my URL.

And now normally what LinkedIn does by default, is it’s going to pull up this smaller size, thumbnail photo and website summary. I don’t want that.

What I want to do is have that big image pop for people. So I x this out right there. And I click this little photo icon. And then I can upload a photo, a custom photo, whatever I want to use, that’s really going to catch people’s attention.

So let’s say, you know, I can have one with blocks or something like that. Let’s say I want to use that one, right. And I’ll say free training how to generate. And what it does is, now it’s uploading, you can see the photo and the update.

And when I share that, you can see how much larger that, look at that thing, right, that just pops out to you in the newsfeed as you’re scrolling through it and edited. What’s this, right? It stops people long enough. It’s like almost this way, Liam, I think about like, having a stop sign or a flashing red light in this in the stream here.

Like, “Wait, what’s this attention?” And then that stops them long enough to read your text. And then you can still have that link, right? That goes over to your landing page, or your blog or whatever it might be. So that’s one of my favorite ways to really stand out in the newsfeed. Now, I want to show you something even better. That’s all good.

Just quickly on that. Now with the image itself, there’s no way to actually put the link behind the image so people are able to necessarily click on the image to go through to your website?

They can, yeah. So like, if I click on the image right here, it just blows up the update, and you can still see the link right here. And it’ll still take them over. So either way, even if they’re just like, “Oh, I want to click on the image”.

So like for the one where I had the free training, I’ll go back and show you that one. If they would have clicked the button that said, free training, let me get here.

So if they go to this and go, “Yeah, I want this free case study” and they click the image. Then they just see over here, where the lead says details, right. And so I always put it something like go here, click here, read more, but that’s a great way to get people’s attention. Right.

Cool. All right.

I’m gonna take it one step for us. I love it. All right, good. Well, I’m going to show you the only thing better than then a still photo of course is going to be a full size action photo. So let me do this. Let me get over. I’ve got to close a few tabs here. Let me do that. Okay, there we go.

I use buffer. Are you familiar with that app at all?

Yeah, yep.

Okay, so buffer for social media posts. If our audience is not familiar, buffer is very similar to Hootsuite or some of the other apps or online services. You can schedule tweets and posts and things like that.

Yeah, likeable media as well as is another sponsoring the summit.

I’m sorry, likeable functionality. This is an announcement. Alright, so hopefully do this unlikable too. I just haven’t used it but I know for me and buffer this works. And so when I go over, you can see here I’ve got my LinkedIn page pulled up. I’ve got my account connected. I’m on I want to post this on my LinkedIn newsfeed.

And so what I’ve said is, “Hey, here’s a great tool that helps you increase engagement with your prospects on LinkedIn” and then I’ve got my link right there. I’ve got my text.

Again, buffer by default is saying, “Okay, we’ll post this smaller size, you know, imagery on LinkedIn”. I don’t want to do that. So what I’m gonna do is close that. And I’m going to add a photo or video.

And this you have to do this through buffer, but you can add a GIF, which is if you’re not familiar with what those are. They are moving images, right? The animated kind of funny. Here’s a great one. Remember saronite live Chris Farley, did you make it to Australia?

I love that. I love these images. Great.

Okay, so I’ve got lots of them, right. So you, you have all these different ones. I’ve got Ferris Bueller from a classic 80s movie saying, you know, here’s the secret, right? There’s a great website called giphy.com and I’ll pull that up in a second. But basically, I’ve downloaded and saved some different images. And what I do is I just upload that GIF. And you can see it’s here on buffer now.

And what I’m going to do is just share it right now on LinkedIn. And when I go back to over to LinkedIn in a second, it’s going to be there in my newsfeed moving.

So let me show you that here. It might take a minute to pop up as it goes through. But once it does, let’s go over to my updates, and we’ll see if it’s in there yet. There. Yes, look at them dancing baby. Right? Look at this. This is what’s so cool is you can see the difference.

Now again, as you’re scrolling through the newsfeed, here’s this guy dancing. What is this, right? So again, and it has the link to the landing page, the blog post, whatever it is that I want to use, but again, it’s a moving image. And this also will work on the LinkedIn mobile apps.

The differences if you’re viewing this on your phone or something, the image will be still and then you have to tap it and then it’ll start dancing. But on the LinkedIn desktop experience, it’s seamless, it immediately place.
And so where I got that image, these are all free. Whoops, let me go to giphy.com. You can see they’ve got millions and millions of free ones.

So I could say you know 1986, right, and say I want to do a 1980s cartoon or I want to say, you know, maybe the office is a popular TV show, and I want to see, you know, have a funny joke about life in the office or a funny expression, right? So what you can do is just download these, you know, nail that, you know, how did your presentation go today? “Nailed it”.

You know what I mean? Like, you could download that. So watch how fast this is, right? Nailed it. I’m going to put that on my desktop. And then we’re going to share this in real time on LinkedIn. Watch this. So we’ll go over to buffer again, this example of how fast you can do this.

So just to be clear, yeah, gifs, moving images, you can’t post from a status update on LinkedIn, you have to go correct.

Okay. You have to do it through a third party app like buffer. That’s the secret, is you can’t if you upload it directly on LinkedIn, it’ll be still, it won’t do anything.

And I’ll just sit there doing an interview with the amazing Liam Austin about LinkedIn right now. How’s it going? Here’s how right and then I’ll put in that image. And let’s see, whereas, he nailed it. And then I’ll share this on LinkedIn.

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