Jonathan Hunsaker of Organixx

Jonathan Hunsaker

Co-Founder at Organixx

Jonathan Hunsaker is the Chief Marketing Officer and co-owner of The Truth About Cancer, The Truth About Vaccines, and Organixx. He is the expert behind the 20 successful launches held by these three companies.

Jonathan is Ty Bollinger’s right-hand-man. He and Ty was introduced to each other by Jonathan’s brother in-law and right off the bat, they became friends. At that time, Ty was about to release a 6th edition of his book when Jonathan realized his message was bigger than just a book.

From there, Jonathan came up with the brilliant idea of creating a docu-series by going around to the different natural health doctors and getting their opinion on the many different ways to treat and beat cancer.


Summit Vs Docu-series: Virtual Summit Model Comparison

I’ve been involved with internet marketing for about a dozen years or so and have been doing product launches for the last 6. When I met my business partner in 2014 we looked at the traditional launch model and decided we could take it further. That’s when we began to develop our first docu-series launch and we haven’t looked back.

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I just figured what’s you know, what’s another way that we can go about doing a summit but it has to be really exciting, really engaged. That’s when, the idea was let’s send Ty around the country to go interview the experts. You know, that’s another thing to talk about launches and talking about a docu-series.

Ty knew a lot of the information himself, he could write the book. He could have been the expert we found it to be a lot more effective to not showcase him as the expert but showcase him as the investigative reporter. So we’re sending it because I remember the first interviews he did I think the first interview is with Mike Adams at natural news.

I’m watching the interviewing and Ty’s nodding and saying yes he’s a green and they’re kind of having a conversation which I don’t think was effective and delivering the message, so it was really important was dissent tie-in as and you know still by a foot so to speak, an unbiased investigative reporter asked all the questions that the audience would be asking right and deliver the information where the other experts are the experts and he was the host.

So that it’s it’s a different shift there because then it allows us to deliver a lot of different opposing ideas right we’re not coming in saying, hey this is the only way, this is the way, you have to follow this, I’m the expert or the guru, we’re now just a deliverer of information, so and then to put together in a doc.

I mean what we’ve seen, I’ve seen other docu-series over the last couple years that yes they don’t in first interview, but it ends up looking like a summit. They interviewed one person for 30 minutes in person and they put two interviews together and they call it an episode. And to me that’s not truly a docu-series that’s just an in-person summit interview.

The docu-series I think became really powerful is we were cutting together to in three-minute clips of experts, saying the exact same thing and so that increased validity right if we start talking about a plant-based whole food diet having five or six different doctors reiterate the same thing was powerful, in that delivery and it didn’t get boring if we were talking about a ketogenic diet having four or five six ten experts automatic ketogenic diet suit.

It did several things, they kept your attention more but it allow us to hammer in the ideas that really matter right instead of ten different interviews over ten different days right and that one expert speaks about all of their things we took those same ten sodas beginner using cut them together, so you put the same stuff together and it to me, it just, it made it more exciting.

It wasn’t like I was watching day three, day four, day five, and they’re reiterating what the guy on day one said and now have a bet in if you becomes boring because I already learn that in the first three days of this series there’s a lot of dynamics that went into it to keep it exciting and really take somebody through a journey.

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