Josh and Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five

Josh and Jill

Co-Founders of Screw the Nine to Five

Together Josh and Jill have built a brand that is powered by self-liquidating automated sales funnels which allow them to grow their list and customer base for free. We teach people how to do this as a part of our membership community, Screw U and have watched countless entrepreneurs scale their brands through automated funnels.


We Call It ‘The Perfect Sales Funnel’, And It Made Us $370K In 12 Months

We’re the co-founders of Screw The Nine To Five! We help transform unsatisfied employees into dangerously successful entrepreneurs. To make this easy we use ClickFunnels and ConvertKit as well as Deadline Funnel.

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So we have like a really specific sales funnel strategy that we use. And there’s four steps to the strategy.

The first step is what we call a read magnets. And the purpose behind that, I mean, what it basically is, it’s usually a free piece of content that appears on your site, whether it be a blog post, podcast episode, or video, it’s a free piece of content that appears on your site, but it’s about, it’s around one specific subject.

So for us, like we teach online business, and so there’s multiple subjects people want to learn about. So for example, Facebook groups is something that people want to learn about, right? And so I brought a free piece of content around Facebook groups, and that’s read magnets, we send people to that as step one.

Step two is a relevant lead magnet. And that’s like a free giveaway related to the site Facebook groups that people have to opt in for the name and email address in order to get it as soon as they opt in.

We then sell an introductory offer which is step number three. And the introductory offer is again relevant to the subject of Facebook groups so it would be like a mini course. So we have a course called engage which is just around like creating and growing a Facebook group, your business, but the goal is to then upgrade them into a customer from that point.

The cost of the introductory alpha is relatively low just so we can, it’s like a no brainer price point. The goal is pretty much to acquire them as a customer. Once you acquire them as a customer, as many business owners already know, it’s a lot easier to sell to existing customers than it is to go out and find new ones.

And so those people we then upgrade to up for alpha which is Screw You and that’s like an all encompassing. So they come into our sales funnel interested in Facebook groups, but they end up joining Screw You which is our online business membership. Yeah, everything.

But I think you touched on this, the real key with these funnels to really get them to heavily convert is to keep the topic congruent across every single stage in the funnel. So there’s no hiccups or disruption to the flow. It’s all like, “Oh, of course I want that. That’s yeah. Oh, of course I want that course. Absolutely.”. And so there’s never any pauses or like weird interruptions.

Yeah. So the way that these tools come into play for this sales funnel strategy is in multiple ways, basically. So because we create lots of different sales funnels around many different subjects were able to like reach a broad audience as opposed to I know a lot of people in our space like to just niche down on one thing.

The problem is like initially on one thing, and you may become really good at that, but your clientele, your plot base is really small. So this allows us to create lots of different funnels around many different subjects. We can reach the entire audience in the online space and yeah, and so Click Funnels is really important for this because we’re creating lots of funnels.

Click Funnels is an option where you can literally go to click a button that allows you to corner an entire funnel. So there might be like four or five pages in that funnel, I don’t have to go and recreate that every time, a new sales funnel, I just click a button and then just change the text around and I’m good to go for the next one. So it saved us a lot of time.

I’d be interested to hear about creating these funnels in Click Funnels versus Infusionsoft. How do you combine the two?

Though Infusionsoft doesn’t mean, they do have like some landing pages. Basically, they’re like really sort of simple landing pages, Yellow Pages, stuff like that. But Click Funnels is just like a really fast, easy way of creating effective looking landing pages.

So direct landing pages, we’re talking about creating opt in pages where people can put in their name and email address. Thank you pages after they signed up.

Sales pages are very easy to create in Click Funnels, it’s all drag and drop. Like as soon as it came out, so instead of using, I was like wow, this technology actually exists, it just makes it so much better.

Like for example one of the things I wanted to do was to try and make our landing pages look like our brand, so look like our sites and we’re going to feel like they’re leaving outside and going to a new one. And literally you can make any Click Funnels page look, however you want it to look, right?

And you don’t have to be a designer or a developer to do it. You just have to just drag and drop a whole bunch of elements and it’s really simple to do.

So yeah, so Click Funnels is really important when it comes to building all the landing pages out and you can’t really do that in Infusionsoft. But Infusionsoft has been great for us because we also run email sequences off the back in these funnels.

So for example, let’s say someone opts in to pick up a lead magnet, but they don’t purchase the introductory offer, we want to, we still give them a chance to purchase it later. So once they opt in, they don’t make a purchase price. Yeah.

So they don’t make a purchase, right? But then we’re going to send them a set of emails that tries to upgrade them into an introductory offer and that’s handled on Infusionsoft.

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