Josh Braun of Sales DNA

Josh Braun

Founder of Sales DNA

As VP of Business development at Jellyvision, Josh used cold email and cold calling a ton to increase revenue from 2 to 10m.  He also served as the head of sales for Basecamp. Currently, he’s the CEO of Sales DNA, a company that helps SaaS SDR teams increase the number of meetings they set each week without being manipulative, salesy or gross.


How To Write A Cold Email For Sales Using A Video Audit

Have you ever been on a date, and they ask you to meet their parents after the first hour? Totally weird and awkward, right?

Well that’s a bit how most cold emails come across.

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Writing cold emails for sales using a video audit

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Get more replies to your cold emails by adding in personalized videos that model how you solve your prospects problems

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So one of the clients on our dream list with a big telecom company that you definitely would have heard of, and a traditional cold outreach might have been something like, “Hey, telecom company, we have an idea that increase your conversion rates, you want to meet?”, you know, some iteration of that.

And ultimately, we’d send six follow ups, asking the same thing over and over again, we might cold call asking over and over again. Again, that’s a taking mentality. But we flipped that around a little bit. And instead, this is what we did.

We went on the telecom website, and we saw something that we felt we could improve. In this case, they were selling phone, TV and internet service. And on the page it was very confusing.

As you can imagine, they were speaking in megabytes and megabits, they had 75 packages. It was really hard to discern what was going on. So rather than telling people, we’re going to increase their conversion rates, which everybody sends an email saying that there’s value propositions are getting lost, we decided to create a little video.

I’m using a technology called ScreenFlow and loom to be able to show them what a reimagine page might look like. And we spent about four minutes architecting that in a very low fi way, and walking them through what that page might look like and the results we hope to achieve.

And then we took that video and we create a little thumbnail of it with the prospects name on it. So the thumbnail said, “Hey Beth, have a video for you, click here.”. And so she saw her name on the thumbnail with a little play button.

And there was some copy at the front and at the bottom of it that said, “Here’s an idea that we think might be interesting to help you folks.”. You know, some more phone, TV internet service with the video, and then “Cheers, Josh”. Click on the link, and then we get to see, she gets to see the actual video of us talking her through this approach.

And then on our side, we can actually see if she’s interacting with it, if she’s opening it, and is she clicking it? Is she passing it around. And if she is, we can then have an opportunity to cold call and say, “Hey, noticed you are clicking around. What sort of piqued your interest? I’m sure you get lots of emails all the time.” And that starts like a dialogue.

In this case with the telecom company, we didn’t have to send the seven email follow ups like everyone says you have to send, 80% of the time people open it up on eight. That’s because your email suck. But if you send one of these great emails, and it’s really targeted based on a trigger that can help someone be better, actually thoughtful, you take the time to architect this, you can get an interest in wanting email. And that was the case in the telecom company.

So again, the tactic is creating a video audit. I’m using a technology called Loom, or ScreenFlow. And embedding that little video into the email, the thumbnail, the video is actually hosted somewhere else. So that’s first. That’s tactic number one. And we could certainly talk about a second tactic.

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