Josh Turner of LinkedSelling

Josh Turner

Founder and CEO at LinkedSelling

Josh Turner who is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and the Founder & CEO of LinkedSelling, a marketing coaching, consulting & training firm that was recently name #252 on the Inc 5000. He is widely considered as a worldwide leading authority in using LinkedIn and Facebook to generate leads, appointments and clients.

Josh is also the creator of Linked University and The Appointment Generator, training and coaching programs, which have together served over 12,000 entrepreneurs.


How To Sell On Your Webinar For Maximum Conversions

Imagine you’re giving the best sales presentation of your life, but you’re only pitching to a handful of prospects.

What if I told you, you could put a giant megaphone just outside the door so your presentation could be heard down the street or even across the city?

Now what if I told you, that on top…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Josh’s success

Making it clear on what your audience will walk away with after your webinar.

Result if you follow the steps in Josh’s session

A promise to your audience that will keep them engaged for the entire webinar whilst subtly selling throughout the presentation.

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We have webinars that we run that are for generating leads for our sales team. We have webinars that are designed to introduce prospects to our training programs specifically.

So the type of webinar where at the end we make an offer to join our program and people can go to a landing page and fill out their credit card and make that decision right there on the spot.

Those kinds of webinars are obviously going to be better geared towards lower price point products. So those are usually going to be for one to $2,000 programs. Anything that’s going to be more than that, we will drive to a call with our sales team, instead of making an offer right on the webinar because people, you know, they’re there.

Once you hit that $2,000 price point on a webinar, people start anything higher than that it’s tough to get people to pull out their credit card. So you want to engage them in a phone conversation for sales that are higher than that.

So we’ve got webinars for leads, your webinars for sales, and then you know, some other variations in there. And then within those two buckets, we’ve got webinars that we do live and then turn into an automated webinars so they just constantly run for us. And, you know, it’s something that we started out slowly.

I think a really important point to make is that, when we started doing webinars, I didn’t think, well, boy, we’re just going to plug a webinar and start generating thousands of leads right away. We were just doing it really small, like promoting it to our list, and then just started building it as we started getting good at it.

And now, I would say on an average month, we generate about 5000 leads a month using one automated webinar that we have. That’s just one. And then in a good month, like in in this past month in February, we probably did about 22,000 leads on some a few different webinars.

So like, it’s massive, and it can really transform your business and one of the I mean, it’s just like, think about, everyone knows the power of speaking, right?

Like if you get invited to speak at an event that’s full of prospects that are interested in what you do, you know, if you were invited to speak in event full of prospects interested in what you do, and there’s 100 people that are going to be there, you know, almost anybody who would say, “Yeah, I would love to speak at that event”.

And with webinars, you can do that every single day. And in some cases, you can do it automated and have thousands of people who are really interested in what you do, because they signed up for the topic, and they showed up to see your topic specifically. And you know, there’s not much more powerful marketing tool out there.

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