Justin Brooke Founder of AdSkills

Justin Brooke

Founder of AdSkills

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Founder of AdSkills, running training for direct response marketers and growth hackers. Justin has managed $10,000,000+ in ad spend and driven over 50,000 customer acquisitions.

He’s often referred to as “best paid traffic guy”, and when it comes to affiliate launches Justin’s usually in the top 10… He knows the best prizes to use,  the most effective ways to motivate top partners, and what demotivates your affiliates…


Launch From The Affiliates Perspective

Justin Brooke Founder of AdSkills

As a launch manager and an affiliate I’ve been behind the scenes on too many launches to remember. I want to share this perspective with you today because it may uncover a lot of insight into your own launches.

What’s important to know about my background is that I often work with lists that are much smaller than the average affiliate, and I’m still one…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Justin’s success

Showing a flaw in the product and offering a bonus that patches the flaw making it now flawless

Result if you follow the steps in Justin’s session

Find a product’s flaws and using them to your advantage to become a top launch affiliate

Full session with video, notes, audio and discussion inside EHQ Club. Learn more

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And that’s when other affiliates start complaining. They realize, “Oh, so-and-so has a competitive advantage against us,” and it’s like, “Yeah, duh. That’s how you win”, you know.

That’s how you win any competition in life. You create unfair competitive advantages and I’m coming from like I think that should be not endorsed, like we should have more of that, then punish people who are creating that.

So, one of my common methods that I’ve been using for years and I didn’t invent it, I learned it from Andre Chaperone. I’m not gonna try and be politically correct, you know. I don’t necessarily mean the words, they come out but like, you know we try to create a flaw in the product.

Every product has a flaw. There is no perfection.

So, it’s not like we’re trying to create lies. We’re not trying to make up anything or anything like that. Because for example, one product that I was promoting I said the flaw of it was that it’s too big.

I mean it literally takes you two weeks to go through all these modules, all these videos, it’s 20 hours of content, but what do you need a plan for? What are you gonna do tomorrow?

And so that’s the flaw that I created in the product and then I made my bonus. Here’s this summary. You know, you’re gonna be, if you buy through my link, you’re gonna be able to get this overnight action plan so that you have something to do in the short term to start making some wins and then you still have the course for those long term wins.

And so this is what I mean about creating advantages over other people and so now you know when I say, when I spread that message.

If you buy the product through anybody else you’re kind of buying a broken product you know, because I’ve just pointed out a big flaw in the product and that’s just a tiny example, but there’s been other ones well that’s what I try to do that’s one example.

Another example is you know getting permission to use certain people’s photos. Another thing I don’t have a big giant list, I don’t really believe in big giant lists. I believe in lead quality over the quantity.

And so sometimes, in order to compete with guys who have 300 thousand email subscribers I’ve got to buy ads and when I’m buying ads, I need to have as much advantage as I can and so having certain images in my ads, having people’s photos in my ads.

I remember in one campaign, the winning names but like in one campaign there was this thought leader you know, like one of the biggest names in marketing. It was a marketing course launch and we were able to run our ads with this guy’s image and typically nobody else would be able to do that.

His lawyers would call you if you use this image but we got legit permission because we were friends with this guy and so all the other affiliates started complaining that that was an advantage.That’s unfair and so we got shut down.

You know, we’re killing it in the launch, we’re making sales on sales on sales but we get shut down and I just, I get that there’s at some point there needs to be smooth. I’m down for the rules but I also think we’ve got to be real careful about when we create these rules.

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