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Justin Mcgill

Founder at LeadFuze

Justin McGill is the founder of LeadFuze – a tool for B2B sales reps to automate their lead generation.

Justin built a 7 figure digital marketing agency as well as a SaaS product helping marketing agencies manage multiple campaigns & teams and generated over six figures in his first year in business from cold emails they have sent.

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So, you know, with the one point, I’ll make two, and you kind of touch on like the spam complaints. One thing I would recommend is not sending, like more than 50 emails a day.

So if you’re going over that, you know, if you’re sending 150, 500 emails, you know, you’re gonna run into some issues if you’re using Gmail. Because you just can’t send you know, a high volume like that. Be you know, you’re going to increase the likelihood of spam complaints, you know, which is going to flag your domain.

So, typically, you know, I would recommend sending like 50 a day, you know, upwards of 100. I mean, if you’re trying to send like 300 new emails a day, you probably have something wrong with your value proposition, your cold emails aren’t resonating.

I mean, your subject line might be weak if your open rates are low. So, you know, that’s kind of a cause for concern and something you should be looking at. Okay, how can I improve this?

But outside of that, you know, some things to avoid would just be to not talk about, you know, on and on about how great you are and try to, you know, just snuff into, like, every feature that you have, and, you know, just talk about every single benefit, you know, you can follow up with people and kind of spread some of that value out, right?

But the idea is you want to keep that email about them, not about you. So, if it’s about a feature, or you know something about your business and how great it is and how long you’ve been around, like, you know, that’s just, it just doesn’t matter. So, you know, keep it about them.

Another thing that I see people do is they’ll have a link to like a case study, or a blog post or some sort of an article. And then they’ll have, you know, another call to action to, you know, set up a demo. And then maybe they’ll close with a question, right?

Like, just have one call to action per email, if it’s, you know, if you’re going to send a link to a resource, and that’s it. Your goal is to get them to click that resource. And you know, that that resource should help build some trust.

You know, and then lastly, I’ll say just follow up, you know, be consistent, do this every day. You know, but make sure you follow up. I mean, I saw a stat the other day. 80% of people just send one email. So they’re not doing any follow up.

And the magic happens when you’re following up, right. So, you know, don’t follow up with, Hey, checking, just checking in. Hey, did you get my last email?

That stuff’s not gonna work. Try to follow up and, you know, bring another angle, you know, bring another value point, link to a, you know, a different case study, if you link to one of the first time or something.

So, you know, try a different call to action. I mean, you know, there’s a lot of different things you can do, but, you know, just be consistent with it.

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