Justin Teoh of Nice Guy Marketing

Justin Teoh

Leading Video Marketer at Nice Guy Marketing

Justin makes videos that actually work – he gets results because he doesn’t come up with theories… he gets results because he tests to see what really works.. and what doesn’t!

He’s been creating online video campaigns since 2010 in over 30 different countries around the world working with global brands like Toyota, Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson, Infusionsoft, YSL and BHP.

He’s helped some of the worlds leading international speakers and internet marketers generate leads, customers and sales by using video.

Recently, Justin’s been helping absolute beginners make money online too. At his most recent bootcamp he had 10 students who made $81,000 in 4 days only using videos. Most of these students had never shot a video before, let alone posted one online. It proved to him that ANYONE can do this.


Selling High Ticket Using Videos (Even As A Beginner!)

In 2010 I was marketing on Google Adwords and my account got banned for promoting a Network Marketing client!

I thought my life as an internet marketer was over! Fortunately the “Google Police” let me slide and I got into YouTube.

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Using videos to sell high tickets

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Sell high ticket items using video by being yourself and not focusing on over producing your video

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Why this is kind of exciting, is that, if you know how to do this properly, you know, you can really sort of leverage video to sell things like you said, you know, things are over $2,000. And what’s kind of cool about this is that it’s actually quite backwards to what you might assume you might need for to sell something high ticket, right?

You know, I guess one of the, if you don’t know how to sell things, high ticket, it kind of limits you with your video marketing. And it kind of means if you have something that is high ticket and you try and sell it, you know, the big problem that most people have is that it becomes a bit too salesy, right, you put all this effort in, and you send this video out and people straightaway their radar goes up.

When they say this, like really highly produced video, or, you know, it just comes across as really awkward, because, you know, you don’t feel like you can sell something that’s more than $20,000 or whatever. And, you know, it’s just one of these things where you kind of damage a lot of the relationship that you have with your following, you know.

Video these days is all that being social and being social is all about having a really good relationship with your community, with your tribe with your followers. But if you spend them too much, especially with, you know, these really salesy sort of videos, it can be really damaging.

So yeah, I mean, what’s really cool about you know, the high ticket sales videos that we’ve had a lot of success with, not just with our big clients, but also with, you know, a lot of these beginners, is that you can actually just be yourself in a video, your clients actually end up loving you more at the end of the video, even if they don’t want to buy it, because you’ve done it in a really cool sort of classy sort of way.

And I guess, you know, it’s kind of one of those things where, you know, the worse you are at the video, the better you are…I don’t know how to explain it, but like, you know, if you, you know, if you try and sort of dress up for these videos, if you have all the lights and all that sort of stuff, like I said before you people, as soon as you send it out, people kind of get defensive, they get guarded.

But if you’re just normal, if you’re just sort of, you know, wearing your tracksuit, whatever it is, I’m not saying you should, but you know, the easier you are, you know, the better it actually is. And we’ve actually found that you get sort of clients for life, if that makes sense.

Yeah, it does. Like it makes sense because you’re almost showing vulnerability at the same time and saying, “Okay, look, like, you can connect with me”, I am human, like, I’m not this really polished figure that’s unreasonable, or untouchable, or there’s something special about this person that, you know, I’m never going to be able to reach or be like them, or, you know, maybe it’s fake, and I can’t connect with that at all, because it is too polished.

When it is just someone being natural, someone you know, making a mistake or being vulnerable, and that it’s easier to connect and say, “Okay, this person is being real”. It’s easier to trust this person credibility. And then obviously, it’s easy for me to say, you know, “Here’s my credit card as well”.

Totally. And I think you just hit the nail on the head that I mean, before this call, we were sort of talking about a few things that we could talk about. And one of the things for me that I find makes the biggest difference is how you show up on camera. People like video is one of those things where you, it’s sort of, it shows who you really are, exposes who you are in real life, right?

And unless you’re an actor, which most people aren’t, let’s be honest, most business owners aren’t actors. You know, if you know how to show up on camera, and just be who you are.

So if you look at the most popular guys on YouTube, like PewDiePie and stuff, his content is not like ground breaking or earth shattering. It’s just him playing video games, but it’s how he shows up. It’s just real. You look at him and this is him having a good time playing video games.

And you know, it’s so true when it comes to video as well because a lot of people when they go on camera, the big problem is you know, the cameraman will get out of it. Okay, so are you ready for the video? And they’re like, “Yeah, I’m ready”. The cameraman’s like, “Are you sure you’re ready?” “Yeah, definitely ready to go again”. “All right, you ready? 3,2,1 go”. And as soon as I say that, people forget everything.

I want to say, I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you before, but I remember when I first started shooting videos, I’d be like, you know, all stunned mullet on a camera. And that is the worst thing because even though, you know, in real life, you might be the life of the party that call this dude or whatever, you know, if you show up on camera nervous, people think you’re shifty, right?

And it’s because of that, like you said, there’s no credibility, because you’re trying to be someone you know, like, hey, check me out. I’m awesome, buy my stuff. People don’t really like that they can see through that. Unless you’re you know, Hugh Jackman, whatever.

So, I mean, that is such a good point. It’s really about being real. And I think the word I liked that you used, those vulnerable on camera, you know, yeah, I suck on camera, but I’m okay with it. You know, this is who I am in real life. So that’s a good point there.

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