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Katya Varbanova

Strategist at Viral Video Funnel

Katya is the video marketing strategist at Viral Video Funnel, which is for successful entrepreneurs and influencers. Her typical client is a 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur that has an amazing program that they want more eyeballs on.

She has almost 100,000 following of entrepreneurs across all platforms and has multiple six figure business. Her videos and live streams combined has millions of views.

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So the first thing that we do is obviously, you want to really understand the person that you are wanting to reach. Now the difference that we do from what most marketers do is, we focus on emotion so we look for what is the emotion that we’d like to convey and what do we want that our ideal clients to feel when they see us first?

So for me, I love to make people laugh. That is just part of my brand. I love to create some parodies, comedies whatever. And we love to be the first impression. For some of our clients we’ve done viral videos for, there wasn’t comedy, there was inspirational video.

So one of our clients did a personal story from when she was 10 years old, like very touching story with a with a lesson of how to feel good enough even when you don’t feel like you’re good enough. And what happens is, first we look for the emotion whether it is fun.

Here’s a couple of emotions you can go after. You can go after laughter. You can go after shocking. You can go after angry like you can make them mad. You can make them like so mad they want to comment and argue with you. You can make them cry, you know, you can make them cry, or you can make them like really happy, really joyful so that they want to share it.

So these are kind of the five key emotions that you can convey to someone with the intention of sharing it. Once you’ve decided on the emotion, then it’s like, okay, let’s dive deep into our avatar. What are the emotions that they would respond to? Because some people respond to different things, my audience responds to comedy.

They also respond to a lot of groundbreaking inspirational motivational stuff. Like they really respond to that. My audience doesn’t really respond to negative rant or anything like that. So, you know, I try to stay away from these, but I know some audiences do respond really well to like drama and like, ooh

So that’s kind of the original, like the foundational phase. Once we have that, we kind of know what videos we can create. We know, okay, if we want to make, let’s take an example, might one of my clients who’s got an accounting firm, she wanted to show a funny side of her.

So we created a video for her called things accountants don’t say. And in that video there was stuff like, congratulations, you’ve made 3 million this year and you have no tax to pay. The stuff you’d never hear accountants say. And we were like, let’s put this out there so that we can make people laugh and make people get to know your accounting brand as well.

So the first part is obviously scripting the video, directing the video, shooting the video, editing the video. That process takes about two weeks for it to happen. And we do this whole thing with our clients.

So like, the first step is okay, this is the goal we want to make. Let’s make it one minute video. The show by the way, the shorter the better. One minute. If you can do one minute, you’re like winning. You can do one minute, two minutes.

Okay, if you can do two minutes, two minutes, two minutes. If you can do three minutes, don’t do it at all, because any more than three minutes for a viral video, it’s a bit too long. So the shorter, the better. That’s one. That’s one tip right there.

So, phase one is, once we have the video ready, and there’s a lot of editing involved, a lot of process, we then go in with the intention to get 100,000 views. Here’s why that hundred thousand is so important.

If you get 100,000 views, you have enough engagement and enough data to not only one measure who’s watching, but also you have enough data to have Facebook go ding, ding, ding, ding, this is good content, we should show it to more people therefore it should be cheaper.

So what happens with all our clients is, and by the way, they do that with a combination of ads plus organic so it involves a lot of sharing. So one of our clients got her entire community behind and she had 300 shares within the first 12 hours, 300 shares from her community.

So that’s what we do. We kind of treated as, you know, how Hollywood movie have their own premiere. And when the premiere is out there, everyone goes crazy, go share this film, go share this film.

It’s kind of like that we hype it up, we treat it like a movie. And then they go in and they go in and just share it and we try to get 100,000 views within 24 to 48 hours. If it doesn’t happen organically with all the shares were doing and all the hype up and stuff, then we add some ad spent.

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