Kevin Kuster of #JJ Community

Kevin Kuster

CEO and Partner #JJ Community, the largest and most active photo community on Instagram.

@JJcommunity runs daily photo challenges each day and receive between 5,000 to 35,000 photos submitted every day. Because of their huge traffic and daily photo submissions, they have custom branded campaigns for FIAT USA, Polaroid, McDonalds, Lands End, M&M Mars, Le Meridan Hotels, Cruise Lines International Association, Walgreens, Red Nose Day, Travel & Leisure, Bermuda Board of Tourism, MILK, Abbott Labs, BodyGuardz and SONY PICTURES.


Creating A Community That Loves Your Brand

 Kevin Kuster of #JJ Community

I want to talk to you about two things today, “Community” and “Brand.” I’ll show you how the two can work together in an incredible way for you on Instagram.

When I started getting involved with my business partner Josh Johnson and the JJ Community it took us some time to find our true voice. What ended up happening…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Kevin’s success

Authenticity, consistency, not being afraid of the negative and developing a creative environment for that allows people to truly connect.

Result if you follow the steps in Kevin’s session

A stronger connection with members of your community.

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I would say there’s is one voice and I think the the voice is really being authentic and I know that’s a word that’s easily thrown around right now, but really being authentic is really the key to the community.

Twofold,  one the types of writings that Josh initially started to do, you know, Josh would go online. For a little while he it went dark. The community, Josh wasn’t posting and he was struggling with just some real heavy choices in life and some depression and he made a critical decision.

He’s like, “Okay I have these peoples’ ears every day right and I just disappeared for X number of days. What am I gonna do? Am I just gonna act like oh nothing went on. He wrote about his depression and a very sincere and almost a very dangerous and yet courageous way and so many people connected to it right.

In this day and age of social media, where it’s like everybody’s perfect everybody’s on a vacation everybody’s you know life is amazing you know, here’s  someone who has a voice who’s like, “I’m struggling you know, I I’m really struggling”,  and that was a turning point for him and then when I came on to it, it was a turning point for me because it was like one of those things where it was like wow like you don’t want people to know that stuff like you shouldn’t write like that. You know and I saw how people were just yearning for true connection right.

They  really wanted it to be authentic and that authenticity now is the way we do everything right even as we’ve brought in brands. You know that wasn’t easy. You know a lot of people are like,  “Hey man you’re making money off of us and we don’t like that robot and we never shy away from those questions.

We never shy away from a really hard question and subsequently also with brands were like, look it if someone leans in with a really hard question or is really adversarial about your brand.

That’s okay it’s an opportunity for a  real honest conversation and that’s not necessarily easy to hear right? We do kind of set up some tenants where people when they’re unhappy with something we’re always like looking you can be totally unhappy with something you can disagree but you can’t be disagreeable and attack people personally.

You can have a problem with an image or you not might not like it and that’s no problem we’ll totally have that conversation but when it gets into personal attacks and stuff like that, the crazy thing is we used to have to kind of govern that a little bit now. It’s such an amazing community where it’s self-governing where people are like hey man you know you don’t say stuff like that about people right.

You can see some of other image you don’t like it or whatever but just don’t attack that person personally and that I would say is one of the things that I’m most proud of. That it’s it is you just don’t have a bunch of people saying horrific things to one another so it’s really encouraging and because it’s encouraging it’s also equally authentic in that when someone says something negative or supportive you’re hearing both ends right.

You’re not just always hearing positive and I just always hearing negative right you’re hearing a combination of those two and that I think people in this day and age are just dying for like truth and authenticity.

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