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Founder at Kristi Hines Media LLC – freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter helping businesses develop high-quality blog content, eBooks, and lead magnets.


Don’t Overthink Your Lead Magnet, Just Create One ASAP

Having a lead magnet on your site is one of the most proven methods to increase email opt-in conversions. There’s really no excuse for not having one these days when you think about it.

Even a bad lead magnet is better than none in most cases. At least with…

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It’s better to have like one lead magnet than the lead magnet all. Sometimes you don’t want to like start the process by overthinking it. Sometimes it’s better to just say like, get one out there, you know, like, get at least one thing out there and then start you know, thinking about what can I add on to it later?

Yeah. So if we wanted to talk through, you know, someone just you know, doing that one lead magnet getting their first lead magnet out there, what’s the, what’s the process? How do we, can you maybe walk us through step by step how maybe you go about creating a lead magnet?

For me, a lot of it depends on the type of business. Usually, if it’s like a, if it’s an online store that sells, you know, like products online, I usually tell them the simplest way to go is like create a little kind of a coupon, you know, put it in your shopping cart and then create like a little pop up or something that says, you know, get a 10% discount or a free shipping discount code by giving us your email address. I always find that’s like the fastest for anybody who like sells a product online.

Anybody else, I usually tell them like is there some kind of checklist you could create that would be attractive to people who come to your website, you know, like so if you do like social media consulting, you know, maybe you can offer a checklist of like, here’s the, you know, things you need to make sure that you have on your social media profile to make sure it’s complete or something like that, you know.

Something simple that wouldn’t, you know, just be like, oh, now that I have this checklist, I don’t need your service anymore, but something that kind of, you know, kind of points out that you know, what you’re talking about, and kind of gets them into the mode of, ooh, if I can improve this, what else can I kind of improve?

So just something really fast that they can do because like, you know, just having something up there that you can give is better than having nothing and that’s going to kind of automatically increase your opt ins, then from that point, just go, okay, you know, let’s see how this performs.

If it performs really well, maybe we’ll just stick with that. If it doesn’t, you know, maybe we’ll look into let’s maybe do a free report on like some statistics in your industry that talks about why people want to get into a certain thing or start using your product or using your service or maybe dive into like a you know, case study or ebook or things like that.

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