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Larry G. Maguire is a Writer & Artist of Larry G. Maguire. Larry has been in the technical services industry almost 20 years and been awarded and managed multi million Euro (Dollar) projects for international corps in Ireland inc. Intel and the US Govt.

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Repurposing content to as many platforms as possible

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So the first thing I do is I publish an article for my readers every Sunday morning without fail. I publish other stuff during the week. But the first thing I do in that case is I come up with the idea.

And I begin to write and take me about four or five hours to really distill that idea down into something that flows well on the page. And it’s broken up well, and people can actually interact with it.

And rather than just, you know, a whole lot of text and one single paragraph, so it takes a while to produce that article, dude, and then I now record for the podcast, which is almost daily. I use an iPhone app for that, makes it very easy actually. It’s called anchor. And with the Anchor app, that allows me to record different segments and then stitch them together.

So earlier in the day, might record an introduction and say, Hey folks, welcome to the podcast, etc, etc. Here’s what we have coming up today. And I talk a little bit about the subject.

And then later, when I have the article written, an array that has a separate segment, so it’s kind of more structured in how it’s delivered. And then we’ll finish off maybe with another segment that closes out the podcast.

So altogether, the show will take or will last about maybe 20 minutes, 15-20 minutes, and you’ve got the article stuck in between there. And that’s kind of in very simple terms, that’s my process for creating a piece of content, whether it’s a Sunday or any other day, most days, and I’m published every day, but that’s kind of it in a nutshell.

Cool. So we’re writing the content, the article, obviously spending quite a bit of time on that, and repurposing that into podcast. Are you repurposing that content in other ways as well?

Sure. I write on WordPress, or you use WordPress self hosted. WordPress to write my article. And I’ve got a little plugin that I use it. I don’t see it very often mentioned in marketing articles out there, but it’s a really cool plugin. It’s called Tweet Old Post, at least that was the old name. I think it might have a new name.

And what that does is it tweets up every article ever written and sends it out on Twitter. So that happens. It goes to the oldest one and tweeted out every couple of hours. So it runs through from the oldest to the newest, and that’s a continuous cycle. That’s one way I repurpose.

Another way is, I take that article, and I bring it over to Medium, to medium.com, right? So I use Medium, I’ve got a profile on there and I rewrite the article. So I’ll take maybe an hour to structure the article in a slightly different way. I’ll use a different image and I change the title.

I’ll add a new intro, maybe add a couple of links to other stuff that I previously written on Medium. And I’ll publish there too. It’s the basic same kind of idea or article idea, but it’s just given it to another audience.

I think it’s important that if we’re going to take a piece of content that we’ve written, and we’re going to publish it somewhere else, that we restructure it and don’t just kind of bang it out there.

And what else? Tailoring to that particular audience so I know this takes a bit of time, but I think it’s worth it, you know.

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