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Lawrence Ellyard

Founder at IICT

Lawrence Ellyard is the founder and CEO at the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), an organization which is established in 26 countries and provides certification, training, and community for all types of natural therapy.

He is also the author of 10 books including The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing and Reiki Meditations for Beginners.

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Giving massive value to members through a team, showing up and being the face of the business

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Build credibility and establish core values to attract the right type of team members

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You know, if we even look at the word team, the word team could essentially be broken down, like if you look at it like an acronym, you know, and so, you know, the word T for team, you could say is really around transparency. That’s really important that everybody here is really aligned.

Everyone’s on the same page, there’s no sort of internal little this or that going on, everyone’s really connected and, and understands what we’re all working towards. So transparency is really key.

Another, you know, part of that, E, you know, in team would be to do with efficiency. So looking at systems ways that things can be optimized, and yeah, getting the best outcome for people in a very efficient and direct way.

Yeah. So efficiency is really important because, you know, you can waste a lot of time doing work, which, you know, seems like it’s really important, but that doesn’t actually help the people you’re working with or looking after members. So, you know, doing things intelligently is really important.

Then A in the word team would be around accountability. So everyone’s got the things that they got to do, and they’re accountable for that.

And they’ve got to report back and say, you know, so that’s really about integrity and being congruent with your audience moments and everyone holding each other witness to that I think, it’s really important.

And then M in team, the last letter would be about meaning. And I sort of put that in there is because it’s really about finding, like, what’s your core purpose in the vision, that why you exist. So about bringing meaning to the work that you do.

So it’s not just work. Or it’s not like you’re solving a problem for a person or that is really about doing that in a way that really connects with people and interacts and really solves the problem for that person in a really meaningful way.

So I think meaning is important and purpose and alignment, accountability, transparency, efficiency, yeah, they’re all pillars, I think in business and any entrepreneur who wants to build something bigger than just themselves. You know, you need a great group of people around you.

Part of the struggle for me, personally, in my journey was about being a bit of a people pleaser. And trying to, you know, sometimes people weren’t being so accountable, they weren’t being overly transparent.

And I’d be like, I really want to just be nice and you know, get them to like me. And so I just, you know, go along with something that isn’t really working.

So part of it for me was being a little bit like really clear and knowing that I could be really firm about what we needed to do and KPIs and so forth and, and holding people accountable to their agreements. And when we did that, we got suddenly a lot of alignment.

And when you really clear in yourself too, I believe you really attract the right kind of people.

Yeah, you attract giants into your business. Yeah, people who can do things better than you can have different skill set, you know, so I think that’s really important as well to be open to you know, not just trying to replicate yourself.

You could actually create a space where new people can come in who have great skill and talent, you know, can help grow you and your business, that sort of idea.

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