Liam Austin of Entrepreneurs HQ

Liam Austin

Co-Founder at Entrepreneurs HQ

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As the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and Virtual Summit Academy, my business organizes many virtual summits and publishes marketing tactics of top entrepreneurs.

I’m originally from Sydney (Australia) and I’m a lover of surfing, soccer and burritos!

You can find out a little more about me and connect with me on LinkedIn.

My goal is to help you generate more leads and sales for your business.

I typically send a lot of email, things I think will be useful for you.

In fact, one of the benefits we offer is a daily email newsletter, which delivers one marketing tactic to your inbox each morning.

Through my interviews with proven entrepreneurs, I’m giving you direct access to the systems the pro’s use in their business. The same systems I spent months and months learning how to master.

And I’m still learning!

Liam Austin sitting at table

How I got started

In 2008 I started my group on LinkedIn with the purpose to help answer my questions on growing a business.

Everyday people would share their problems, experiences and tips in the group.

It grew rapidly to tens of thousands of members and soon people were letting me know they wanted more from the community.

After inviting several experts to deliver webinars covering popular topics, there was an obvious desire for more training on LinkedIn lead generation.

That’s when I convinced my partner Sarah to join me in hosting a virtual summit.

Liam Austin and Sarah Thorslund at work

My first virtual summit

We had 2 months to prepare.

We gathered 35 entrepreneurs to come and speak about how they generated leads from LinkedIn and called it the LinkedIn Success Summit.

To get the word out we promoted free tickets to the event through email, social media and with the help of some friends. Word spread fast and by December 2015 we had over 15,000 people registered to attend.

The feedback on the quality of the event was amazing and attendees were asking for more summits.

Entrepreneurs HQ was born

3 months later we hosted the Email Success Summit, achieving similar numbers and even more love for the value we were giving away.

This is when Entrepreneurs HQ was born.

We knew we were on to something great and decided to double down and now organize these Success Summits every 3 months.

By this stage we had amassed a ton of content.

Serving people

We packaged the hundreds of training videos into a membership community and called it EHQ Club.

Members sign up to a monthly subscription for anytime access to all video interviews, audio versions, Q&A sessions, accountability program, and a private community forum.

In creating EHQ Club we have built the resource I wish I could’ve had every time I was struggling for an answer.

I’m proud to be able to offer business owners a chance to learn from other’s experience, from proven entrepreneurs we handpick.

That’s exactly what you’ll get from us.

Topics we discuss are chosen after surveying hundreds of small business owners who tell us what they are struggling with right now.

Imagine the impact on your life if you set up a system to bring highly qualified leads in on autopilot…

My team and I have worked really hard to bring you these proven tactics, I hope it brings you a ton of success.

– Liam Austin
Co-Founder at Entrepreneurs HQ


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