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Lolly Daskal

Founder at Lead From Within

Lolly Daskal is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches in the world. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies.

As founder and CEO of Lead From Within, her proprietary leadership program is engineered to be a catalyst for leaders who want to enhance performance and make a meaningful difference in their companies, their lives, and the world.

Based on a mix of modern philosophy, science, and nearly thirty years coaching top executives, Lolly’s perspective on leadership continues to break new ground and produce exceptional results.

Of her many awards and accolades, Lolly was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Experts by Inc, 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference and Speakers at your next event by Inc. magazine.

Her writing has appeared in HBR, Inc.com, Fast Company (Ask The Expert), Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, and others.

With over 2 million followers on twitter with over 100 million Linkedin connections, Lolly stays connected with her audience, via daily new articles and speaking and keynoting around the world.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Lolly’s success

Connecting with people or building on relationships

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Have a mini army helping you do what you need to be successful

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These 10 individuals I started, I sent out to my newsletter, which is over 100,000 subscribers, I sent out besides these 10, I sent out and said, You know, I’m looking for ambassadors. I’m looking for people who want to make an impact in the world.

With my book, my book is about the seven things and if somebody reads this book, most likely they will be able to unleash their greatness.

Do you want to be the ambassador who unleashes greatness and others?

And I got so many requests, and we ended up picking, I think it was 600 individuals that joined my Facebook private group. And every single day, I would give them the ins and outs of what I was doing.

I was telling them the behind the scenes. I tried this, it didn’t work. So if you’re launching something, don’t do it.

So these 600 individuals, and guess what, out of the 600 individuals, I think it was 89 of them, we’re very active all the way until May 12, when I gave birth to the book, so I like to go big. And then get a small amount of people that are very dedicated to you.

The wider the net, the more chances you have of having a bigger loyal team. Does that make sense?

So don’t limit yourself but open it up to whoever you know, and then it ends up having a certain amount of people that will be loyal.

So besides the 10, I had almost 80 people that were constantly in my Facebook, retweeting and doing everything that I said, can you please do this? And they would do it.

Right. And when you’re as far as connecting with these people, or communicating with them, asking them, you know, can you share this?

Can you retweet this? How were you communicating what was going on with this forum? What was working for you?

So we had a private group on Facebook, and in this Facebook group every morning, I would start with a very inspirational message. I hope everybody’s having a great day.

And then I would say to them, these are the five things I want to accomplish today. I would love to have retweets. I would love to get on a blog. Anybody know any podcasters that I can be on? And I would send out these little like, ideas of what I wanted to achieve.

The next day, I would check in and say I only got one podcast. But if anybody else knows any podcasters, this is what I’m looking for. And people would then write in what they thought I put them in charge.

It was almost like I was giving them this authority to help me to be part of what I was doing. I made them part of what I was launching, they actually felt that they were playing a big part. And they were playing a big part.

That’s interesting. Like, we’ve talked about memberships previously with other interviews, and how the sense of belonging the sense of, you know, being part of the creation process, how important that is to create these loyal customers or partners, or whatever you’re looking for in these relationships.

Absolutely. So for me, I’m really big on relationships and these ambassadors till today, you know, I launched my book in May and now we’re being interviewed. I don’t even know what we’re in December.

These individuals still today, email me, you know, Lolly, I spoke about your book today. Well, I need 10 more books because I want to give it as Christmas presents. Lolly, What can I do to help you?

They are so loyal. They’re still burning the flame for this, you know, launch, because they’ve been part of it, they can’t let go and they’re so loyal.

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