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So, the other tool that I would say, like I did in the early days, which was incredibly effective was the NPS survey.

So I use motor.io, which is NPS software, and NPS is just like Net Promoter Score, is trying to figure out who loves your product versus hates your product. And the way that I use that, I funnel that in through intercom as well. You can have conversations directly through their tool or through intercom but you send out a, you know, 1 to 10 rate us.

And if they write you a one, then you say, well, why did you write us a one? What would we have to do? Obviously, we fell short. I’m sorry, what would we have to do to earn, you know, seven or eight?

Or if they rate of us is three or four, you know, sorry, we fell short. What would you have to do? What would we have to do to rate us, you know, for you to rate us to seven or eight.

Or if they rated us a seven or eight, you’d say well, what would we have to do to rate us a nine or a 10.

And if they write us a nine or 10 you can say like, hey look, we have this customer testimonial form, could you give us a testimonial?

So in that every single person who’s rated you one through seven, or one through eight, you can send them a custom message, which, you know, incorporates. Maybe they give you feedback, maybe they didn’t.

If they gave you feedback, you can incorporate some of their language into why you fell short and have that conversation, but I literally had over 700 to a conversations with, you know, either paying active members or previous members, right. And a lot of them hated us because of how our site was two years ago, right?

Or one year ago, and we’re like, hey, we have that feature now. And they’re like, oh, wow, that’s awesome. Like, I’m gonna try you guys again. And then like, the next time they rate you, they rate you much higher.

So I think the running theme for me is, no matter what it is, you got to listen to that. And if it’s praise, obviously put that up here, in your email campaigns, or your, you know, your website or whatever. But if it’s hate, make sure you really pay attention to them and listen to them because they’ve got great advice on how you can make your product better.

And these days, it’s like, you know, every day we get tons of customer testimonials, you know, I got a job, I got a raise, I got a promotion. I was able to build this app, you know, as we’re able to build this company because of what I learned from your stuff. And you know, that praises are great.

And it really boosts the team morale, but I’m always like, okay, that’s great. That’s piling up all this good stuff. But there’s a, like I was trying to find it. Because I’m trying to trying to figure out how we can solve it.

And I think as you solve that stuff, it’s just the customer testimonials just keep rolling and more. Right now, I’m like, where’s the hate? Like, I’m trying to find it, but I can’t find anywhere in our product. It has really come a long way in the last, you know, five years.

And so now it’s time to turn on the sales and find a, you know, some sales support help some, you know, a sales type, sales engineer whatever sales person and start to focus more on growth rather than, you know, sort of solving the hate, right?

There’s obviously a lot we can do to grow and, and we’re excited about all the new topics and things that we can record and grow in. But certainly, like the core product is pretty solid because we’ve listened to all that feedback.

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