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Marco Hansel

CEO at Speakr

Marco Hansell is the CEO of Speakr. He has developed a suite of technologies to manage predictions analysis, content delivery, and more across the top social platforms including Instagram. He delivered more than 14 million likes on Instagram across branded campaigns and generated several million dollars in annual revenue.

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Collaborating with Instagram influencers

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So there’s a few tricks. You know, starting off at the most formal version would be you know, finding influencer relationship management softwares or company or using influencer search tools like a Webster Graham, is just an Instagram search tool.

Totems is another company that has a pretty cool Instagram search tool.

And there’s a lot of tools out there now that can help us sort through from a topic standpoint. They’re relatively low costs, like you could be spending anywhere from, you know, $100, $2,000. $2,000 a month or so, to just get your feet wet.

One of the other things you can do if you are literally on a zero budget is you can just start finding and following you know, people that are following other competitive brands where they speak over certain topics.

So this is literally like a just open up your Instagram and start sorting through the people that are having conversations in Instagram. Similar system where when you, you know, click and follow somebody and then it pops up with three more suggestions. It’s actually a really cool way of finding very similar people that probably talk about a lot of the same thing.

So if you can find that one sort of see person that you’re looking for and then you know multiple seeds, then you can start identifying a larger number of them.

And luckily, you know, large percentage of them, particularly if they’re, you know, not the reality of the world, and they’re talking about big celebrities, they probably had their contact information available in their bio so you can always reach out to them and start developing a dialogue. And those two sort of routes you know, work pretty good.

And once you once you start engaging with those influencers and you start trying to develop relationships with them, you’re either going to have a, you know, paid relationship.

So that’s you compensating them to engage with your brand, or it’s going to be some type of gifted relationship of you providing them with product or combination of both, right? It can fit in between those two based on one year status of what it is that you’re offering the stage that you are at, as the brand, as well as how large the influencer is.

Because the reality is, one thing that you never want to get caught up in, is trying to spend all of your time and all your wheels on finding all the best and perfect influencers, they’re going to do something for you for free, when the reality is that the biggest guys out there, this is a business for them as well. So a certain amount of free product isn’t going to move some of the biggest guys, but it might work for some of them.

So just making sure that you are okay with having that mix and planning that I’m going to have this mixture of people that you know will be excited, incentivized by product most gonna have this mixture of people that I look more as my media distribution outlet that may have much larger audiences and drive larger engagement, but I’m going to have to compensate them for that.

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