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Mario Masitti

Educator at Sessions With Mario

Mario has cultivated his own brand as well as consulted for numerous small brands (commonly in the art & music field) facilitating a strong organic Instagram presence tied with effective paid ads to acquire new clients. Additionally, his brand Sessions With Mario uniquely sells educational content in the photography industry while maintaining strong commercial and editorial bookings for his studio as well.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Mario’s success

Commenting or liking on hashtags, and creating a consistent beautiful portfolio

Result if you follow the steps in Mario’s session

Attract relevant and quality customers

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I think a lot of people think that for, you know, b2b or for us Instagram is a business that you need to post content with hashtags and that is a way to grow your following. But I found that actually being a little bit more proactive and just chasing hashtags, and liking and commenting on those has provided to definitely be a much better return.

And so, you know, again, with the photo industry, there are a lot of hashtags that are definitely photographer specific. And so, you know, a very common thing in the US is like high school graduation photos.

And so a lot of my content, my educational content is tailored around high school senior photographers, since I’m able to, you know, keep an eye on those hashtags and, and be able to like and comment on those and so, you know, that’s how I’m able to use you know, that’s how I’m using Instagram and you know, being able to find other professional photographers and attract them.

So when you’re, you know, you’ve identified like, a hashtag, there is topic that, you know, is really popular, you said in the us how to how to other businesses go about identifying, you know, what is a popular hashtag, and which hashtags should they be focusing on?

Well, I think that, you know, just like I mean, any other business, you want to look at, you know, the other industry leaders and kind of see, you know, whether its vendors or whether it’s other, you know, related things.

So, you know, for photography, we have, you know, camera gear, we have lighting gear, you know, we have editing software, we have, you know, all sorts of these kind of business elements that I’m able to, you know, follow those hashtags on so I can follow hashtags on a certain lighting company and see other photographers for using those and you know, if I’m pushing my lighting guide, for example, and obviously my country and license stuff will be focused more towards, you know, lighting companies, for example.

All right. So when you’re looking at hashtags and identifying the ones that might work, you’re looking at especially like for, if I know you’re you’re selling online educational content that is international.

So it doesn’t matter in terms of localization, but say, you know, there is a local business, how do you go about identifying because obviously, we’re looking at photography work, particularly with with yourself and local work, how do you go about identifying kind of those hashtags that are localized in your in your niche?

Well, I think that, you know, especially with the last few months, I think that the search feature on Instagram has gotten a lot better. And I know that I’ve definitely have used other like online tools that have helped me find, you know, photos that were posted in certain locations within the past 24 hours. So I was doing a shoot for a yoga pant company.

And we were finding people that had posted a photo within 24 hours of Santa Monica. And we were able to message these people directly and contact them. So, you know, I think that there’s all sorts of avenues that are are available right now, even outside of the, you know, Instagram that you know, people can use.

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