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Mark Harbert

Founder at Harbert Marketing LLC

Mark Harbert is a video marketing trainer and expert at Harbert Marketing. He has generated over 60,000 leads online and generated annual multiple six figure income in the process. Mark is best known for being one of the top video marketers online but he’s also mastered and implemented paid marketing strategies into his video marketing plan.

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Let me just give you a little bit of a context before I share this so people understand how I do my marketing, I’m very focused on audience building. And when audience building is, I’m focused on building a community, a group of people that just love my content, they love what I share, they love, you know, what I do.

And so I’m very much focused on that. I’m not so much as numbers driven as how many leads can I get in one day, but my thing is, how many leads can I get who absolutely are sold on me on my list, because if I can do that, I know that even with a smaller list than some guys, I can get a much better you know, influence out of my list.

So what I do is I create videos on a regular basis. And with all my videos, I send people directly to a capture page. I don’t usually put a video on my capture page. So I have the video first and then I have a call to action at the end sending them to a capture page.

Now once they opt in, I use what’s called a bridge page or a welcome page. So after they opt in, whatever it is that I’m often offering ,whatever, when they, you know, after they opt in, I create this video which basically reassures them that they’re in the right place.

So they saw my video, wherever it is on Facebook or YouTube or wherever it is, they’ve seen my video. I send them, I give them some free content, I share with them cool stuff, then I send them to a capture page, they opt in, then they get to the bridge page, which is right after opting in, where I’m, hey, congratulations for taking action. Great to see you here. Now, first things first, check your email.

And then what I start to do is I always have an offer on the next page. But I take that time also in the video to frame what they’re going to see on the next page. Now I have seen this in the past where not doing this has resulted in a lot less conversions. And part of the reason I believe that the welcome page works so well is because it reassures them, that they’re in the right place.

So if I was, for instance, and this is great for affiliate marketing, okay, a lot of times what happens with affiliate is maybe you’re promoting an affiliate product, or you’re promoting some product where you don’t have control over the sales video, maybe somebody totally different who you know, you don’t know, maybe your audience doesn’t know who they are, that’s the perfect opportunity for you to frame what they’re going to see on the next page.

You know, and so that’s what I do in my welcome video. And I found that it adds that personal touch, to help people feel comfortable with me, but also feel comfortable if I introduce who they’re gonna see on the next page. So if it’s, you know, somebody I know, even if it’s somebody, I don’t know, you’re gonna see.

And so on the next page, they’re going to talk to you about this, this, this and this, and why this can help you.

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