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Mark Iron quickly built a list, grew an organic reach with little advertising and network with the influencers on Instagram.

He has grown from 0 to 503k on Instagram in 14 months with not a lot of promotional shouts. In the last 6 weeks have grown a list to 9,018 and a great network of high level influences. Mark also have found JV partners due to his large following on Instagram.


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I never really encourage people to tag their friends. I don’t like telling people what to do. And people don’t like being told what to do. The brain has a negative bias. If you say do something, like call it a white.

So a lot of people will use that strategy, I tend to not use that strategy. What I just try and do is pick a topic. I start on Sunday night, pick a few topics that I want to talk about.

And then I’ll go back through my books and research what neuroscientists have said about the way the brain works and health and tie that into a story, and then give them tools and strategies to move forward past these pain points in their life. So that’s, that’s something that they value and they follow through and onto your page because of so, yeah.

All right. And to be clear, in a lot of the images from looking at your profile, using a lot of quotes, a lot of inspiration, a lot of motivation. I mean, obviously, yeah, mindset mentor. That’s what you’re about.

Exactly. Yeah. I kind of reuse a lot of the same images over again from probably three months ago. That doesn’t seem to worry that the follows is, it’s really what the emotion says to the people that when they connect emotionally, I noticed that if I put something out there, that’s pretty common, you get about half lots.

It’ll be probably 4000 likes and if you connect emotionally, you’ll be doubled. It’ll be 10,000 plus likes. So as soon as you connect to emotion with people, they just seem to be drawn in.

And then when you can also write a caption that speaks to them through a story because when we listen to people that we listen through stories, and when you can tell a story people are drawn into you.

And that’s the reason I follow because I see massive value and then it also entertains into and they can like, you become likable when they can relate to you. Yeah.

I think that’s really interesting that you’ve got, you know, a list of 500,000 but you’re also being really relatable and you’re being personal as well as showing some things about you know, your personal life. Well as you know, motivation, things, struggles you mentioned as well, which people want to connect with.

People want to do business with people. People can connect with people a lot easier than they can with, you know, brands. Exactly. I’m really glad that you brought that up.

So in terms of hosting and promoting these, you know, mindset changes these motivational posts and easy original quotes as well. How are you then transferring those people into email subscribers? Can you maybe walk us through step by step that process?

It’s basically you’ve got to have something of value that they want, but that’s what it all comes down to. Because if I don’t find value in it, they’re not going to follow through and guide to that lead page.

So you’ve got a what I did was research on Google, what people are after that I knew about that I could talk about, like this many strategies you can use is you can outsource it and get things written for you. But if you don’t know it deeply within yourself, you can’t really promote it, because I guess you don’t really believe it.

So when you can talk about something you know, a lot about, that’s when you can connect and connect to your audience too. So that’s really key, I think.

And you mentioned yourself, you did a really in depth guide for your lead magnet.

Exactly. Yeah, I did a lot of research for probably 15 different sources. And what I did was pull that in and kind of made my own but also reference those people that I took quotes from and just gave people strategies to help them through the day, step by step strategies to help them through the day and they really connected to it. And those people coming back on board saying, where is it? Where can I download it?

You know, I was being overwhelmed by the response, obviously. So if you can find something that people can connect with and help them throughout their day, they gotta follow and they got to opt in and download.

Yeah. Alright, so you’ve created this guide, this lead magnet, you’ve set up your landing page, and you’ve got your Instagram account. How are you driving people from that Instagram account? How are you telling them about this lead magnet?

Well, simply, I just, at a certain time of the day, I post the image up there, which is a really well done one. So it’s very professional. And it just says to them basically simple steps for more self control. It’s simple, and it’s a free download.

So they are as soon as I post that boom, that the traffic just starts coming through. And I found that you don’t need to leave it up, leave it up there any more than three or four hours. Basically, after that it kind of dwindles out.

I mean, you can if you wanted what I try and do is posted two or three times at two or three, two or three hour intervals throughout the throughout the day. And that’s how you get the most bang for your buck so to speak.

Yeah, right. So you’re posting an image that’s says, okay, this is value here. Yep, go and download it as a guide. Yeah. Are you then telling them go check out your profile to click through the link?

Exactly, yeah, you don’t need to say too much in the caption at all, you just need to say it’s free. And I created this for you and put your Instagram name in the profile. So I can click on that immediately and I go straight to your profile, click on the link and go straight to your lead page.

And is it natural for people who are using Instagram to go, okay, this is free download. I’m going to go to the profile that’s where it is, or do you need to physically tell people go to my profile page?

Yeah, that’s what I say, just click the link in my bio and just have my link to my bio right next to where I say that. Yeah, and I just go there and it’s just, it’s overwhelming when you get it right, like I’ve put at one previous to this and it got, all I got was 50 to 70 per shot and I just knew I could do better.

So I searched on Google what people really wanted and I read all the books, got all the information together, put it all together and this taken like two or three months to do as well is you’ve got to give them value if you put something out there that they find value is this soon, I tell you and it’s very demoralized.

Are you seeing that that feedback on the post as well people commenting saying, yeah, this is an absolutely great valuable resource and others that you know, if it’s not valuable, kind of coming back and giving you that negative feedback?

Well, I haven’t had much negative feedback at all. I don’t think that I’ve had too much. I think this one that I can remember, but generally all of it’s been great because you know, I put my heart and soul into it and you know, all of it was actionable.

And that could improve that, you could see how you could improve. I really related stories to it as well, real life scenarios so you can really connect with that procedure of you know, building the self control but I, you know, that’s what I talked about. So when you can put all that together that’s when you’ll have success. Yeah.

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