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Matt Ballek

Video Consultant at VIDISEO

Matt Ballek is a video marketing consultant at VIDISEO. He is also a certified YouTube consultant with over 10 years of experience. He’s been responsible for developing, communicating and implementing advanced video strategies for numerous brands.

He’s built a six figure consulting business using YouTube, enrolling over 2000 students in his premium courses and has helped his clients 10x their revenue from using video and YouTube.

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Optimizing Youtube and video production

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Optimize, promote and support your video with actual content moderation and community involvement

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Number one, most important, is your actual video content. So the videos you are gonna be creating.

And this is where a lot of brands can stumble, because they perhaps are creating content that maybe matches a 30 second TV commercial, or they’re creating just the same kind of 30 second commercial spot and not using video, or editing it or editing video in a way that’s going to be helpful, or actually gets shared on these different platforms.

So having a really core content strategy is a great place to start.

And the other thing is coming up with sort of a repeatable format. So something that you can do on a consistent basis, because if you want a consistent audience, you need consistent content.

And that can be a real sticking point for brands because they see video as something that has to be a big production, use a lot of resources or, you know, outside employees.

But the tools and the types of videos you can create nowadays in house can rival some of the things you’ll end up paying for from the larger production companies. So you can take things like your presentations, or speeches or webinars, things like this and create a treasure trove of more consistent content for YouTube.

So I’ll talk a little bit about that even within our session today. But next pillar I like to focus on for my clients is once we have a content plan, we want to look at on the, in the case of YouTube, YouTube as a search engine.

So how are we going to get our content discovered when people search for it on the number two, second biggest search engine next to Google? And we also look at how to use YouTube as a platform.

Because you can optimize things within YouTube to better direct viewers and get them to take the action you want them to take at the end of the video.

So knowing how to add annotations, clickable hotspots, or interactive cards to your video, are going to take that viewer and turn them into an engager or clicker that goes to your site and take some kind of action.

So that’s the optimization pillar. And those are the types of things we’ll focus on there.

And promotion really goes hand in hand with that content pillar. If they say if content is king, then promotion is queen.

So having that promotion plan in place for the first 24 to 48 hours when your video goes live, especially if it’s a big, you know, top of the pyramid type video, you’re going to have that plan set up or at least have something repeatable, that you can do for each new video launch, is something that’s so important to have in place.

And then lastly, is the community pillar, because people don’t always understand or brands especially don’t realize that YouTube is also a social network, and not just a place where you broadcast videos.

So having a comment moderation plan in place can help you grow your subscriber base by five acts, because they actually see someone responding to comments and actively managing that channel.

But there’s also a ton of people that are making videos around similar topics, just based out of passion. So knowing how to find those people and how to connect with them.

You can get other people in the YouTube community to collaborate or create content with or for you, if you know who to reach out to and if you can find interesting collaboration ideas.

So that’s the overview of those four pillars. So its content, optimizing your video, promoting it, and then supporting it with actual content moderation and community involvement.

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