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Megan Harrison

Founder at Megan Harrison Consulting

Megan is an online course and product launch strategist who helps entrepreneurs transform their expertise into highly profitable online courses.

She’s worked with organizations and entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries, scale their businesses by expanding their product and service offerings into the digital world allowing them to regain control of their time and freedom. She’s also an Infusionsoft, Memberium and PlusThis certified partner, and a self-proclaimed learning junkie.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Megan’s success

Increasing customer engagement through gamification and automation

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Gain more customer engagement and bring leads to the actual product purchase

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So the way that I went about doing this is kind of like combining a challenge, which is another popular launch strategy. I’m creating some type of seven day challenge or 30 day challenge or two week challenge, but it be along with the four part free video series and mixing in a little bit of Ryan Levesque’s Ask Methodology, where you’re gaining additional insights in that customer base on asking them.

So you would start with our normal four part free video series lunch, which consists of three videos that are teaching content. And then in fourth video is your sales video, along with that, incorporating some type of challenge component to it.

So an example would be from my online course academy. I created my launch, was the online course fall through challenge and getting people to actually follow through with taking action each day. And with the four part free video series, I also offered, gave them the opportunity to unlock bonuses if they earn points for participating in the launch.

So on the launch page, you would have an example or you’d have the bonus that you could show an image of with a lot of lock image on top of it, and just that, people they naturally want what they can’t have.

So even if they didn’t care that much before having this, in the forefront for them to see, Oh, I can get that if I do these actions. It makes them so much more likely to actually consume and engage. It’s funny psychology. I love psychology. Looking at how those things are effective.

So some examples of the actions that they could take are, first watching the video and entirety they earn 10 points, just joining the launch they earn 10 points, sharing on Facebook, sharing, or downloading the workbook and then commenting. So for each video, they could earn about 50 points. And then I also incorporated and took it a step further, giving them the opportunity to earn points like I had it what are called surprise points in the email series.

Because the hardest part with these launches is getting people to actually open the emails or waitlist or email. So if you can give some type of encouragement up front on why they should look out for your emails, open them, that’s like priceless if it works successfully.

So those are the four, the five main ways that they could earn the points and then more likely to consume in games. Learn your content and then ultimately purchase your paid program. Right. I liked it in a nutshell.

 Yeah. I like the whole giving the lock kind of image. Because people do always want what they can’t have, right?

Yeah. And there’s also that sense of, we all have that need for completion. That’s why profiles work so well as a marketing strategy. Like LinkedIn, there’s a reason why every time you log into LinkedIn, you see, oh, your profile is 80% complete, is because they want to get as much information on you as they possibly can. And we all have that need for completion.

Like, if you’re like this, but it irks me if it’s not 100% complete. I’m like, okay, why don’t you finish this profile? Basically, handing over my whole life story to LinkedIn. It is effective, it works.

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