Merek Davis of Mextures

Merek Davis

Founder at Mextures
Merek is a commercial and landscape photographer based out of Arizona that grew a couple of textures into a full time business and App for iOS.

Merek created an app that has been featured dozens of times by Apple and was nominated as a top app in the Apple App Store while reaching the #2 top paid app day of launch #3 so stayed in top 5 for 2 weeks (2 years in top 20 photo category) 37k followers personal account, 158k on Mextures 1.3 million #mextures hashtags.


Building My Brand & Launching Mextures With Instagram

Before I was working on Mextures full time I was working as a professional photographer for musicians, and did some travel landscape work as well. Now I’m working with a small team running Mextures and I still stay very hands on with the business.

I’m actually the one answering every single customer support email, which may be a bad idea, but I love connecting with users and…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Merek’s success
Building a brand and product launching with Instagram
Result if you follow the steps in Merek’s session
Build a community on Instagram that supports your brand and product launches

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The starting process is a strong community. And I don’t mean that in a community of customers. It was a community of personal friendships that I had with all of these people. Like I said, I spent hours every night after I got home from work, sitting on my phone, talking to people communicating with them and building these friendships and these relationships.

I think the biggest reason Mextures has had such a success from the get go was I never treated my Instagram as a means that the people I follow as customers as potential customers and people who are going to invest in me, but rather, I was investing my time in them, I was really focused on what they were doing even outside of before measures launch, I really cared about what they were doing, I would collaborate with these people, we would edit images together.

And it was it was really a focus and strong friendship. And a community shouldn’t be a customer. It should really be a bond a friendship between yourself as a business and at that time, it was just me as a person and that other person that’s in your community.

So right from the get go really pre launch before you’ve even launched the product. You’ve been building relationships on Instagram with the potential customers of your soon to launch product and it sounds like not just a relationship but deep relationship.

Like you were real friends with these people and you build the trust and credibility with them so that when you did launch day, would you know, maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe discussed it with you or talk to you about it, I knew you and were able to then you know, grab and use the product straightaway. What kind of happened from those relationships or what’s kind of like the next step?

So, once I had those relationships, those people came to bat for me, when I launched this, it wasn’t me going out to them and saying, hey, check out this new product that they came out with. It was me just putting it out there and then going, well, this is cool. I want to support Merek, not so much that I want to support, measures was a personal connection with them.

And I think if I would have done it a different way, if I would have gone out and just started spamming people and being like, Oh, hey, check this out, check this out, check this out. I don’t think you would have had the success but rather, I launched the product on my Instagram.

And then I was just soaking up every time somebody posted a picture. It was the greatest thing ever for me and I would go and comment on that. I was refreshing that mixtures hashtag non stop because it was this connection that I was having with people.

And I hadn’t really experienced that before with my network, with photography was pretty much based here in Arizona and all of a sudden I had people in Europe, using these textures and people in Canada and across the world. And that became addicting in a sense not to grow masters but to build these connections all across the world.

I think anybody who start the business gets that addiction, gets that hunger whether they’re spreading themselves across the world and building these friendships. And that becomes really addicting. I think that was a great part of it and because I was so invested in my time and it wasn’t ignoring these people, they wanted to share it and I think I should knock the product. And this is why it did so well.

I personally believe they were really good textures to and it was something new that was different than the kind of stagnant direction that I felt that photography and editing on your iPhonea gone in that time.

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