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Mick Olinik

CEO of Rockstar Coding
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Mick Olinik is a business strategist and an online marketing consultant who’s been working with the Web since the mid 1990s.  As such, Mick’s had the luxury of having a front row seat to the technical development and sociological trends of online marketing and sales from their very beginnings, bringing a rare depth of experience and expertise to his clients.  A serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Rockstar Enterprises, Mick’s passion is in helping entrepreneurs and business owners expand their reach and help more people by leveraging marketing automation to start, grow and thrive in their businesses.

Mick is both an Infusionsoft Certified Partner as well as an Ontraport Certified Consultant.


4 Rockstar Moves To Boost Your Reputation on Gmail

There are a few browser based email service providers that are targeted by most email marketers. Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and Microsoft Live aka Hotmail. If you have noticed, some of these browser based email services filter incoming email into multiple tabs. Why is this important?

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Mick’s success
Making sure that the marketing touches put forth are actually received and consumed.  
Result if you follow the steps in Mick’s session
A high reputation with Gmail and overall better email deliverability to increase your email response rates.

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What we’re really looking for is we’re looking for engagement. Okay, so caveat, after the question you just asked all right? Content used to be the big issue that everybody’s worried about. That’s actually not the issue that most email providers are really paying attention to now. It’s not about the content, it’s not Viagra, Viagra, Viagra in the subject line. Instead its engagement.

How is is your email actually being engaged with your users? Alright so the question is how can we make sure we have the highest level of engagement and so like looking at Gmail tabs you’ve got really there’s five gmail tabs that you probably care about but there’s three we’re going to care about.

There’s primary, there’s updates, and those promotions. Okay your goal as an email marketer is to land into primary or update. That’s it. All right, if you can get into primary or update then the opportunity that you’re gonna have for all of the other you know marketing pieces that we talked about to work will be significantly upgraded.

So, that’s when your subject line actually matters because people are actually going to see it alright in terms of actual percentages of what people opened. It differs for everybody but we can talk about what the you know what the average worker it is to get a to get a high reputation so with that would that be useful for you here yeah definitely.

So, here’s how I’m gonna break this out alright. There are what we call the big four when it comes to email marketing providers or es or ISPs okay? So you’ve got Gmail, you’ve got a AOL, you’ve got hotmail, and then you’vegot Yahoo.

Then the other two they’re also out there, that are also bigdeal but they don’t matter quite as much are gonna become Contact and AT &T.  That’s that’s the whole landscape with that basically the only thing that I care about is an agency as somebody who leads an agency is treemailhere’s why basically everybody else takes all of their keys and cues off of Gmail and they they run those those rates at lower levels so when I tell you that in order to have a high reputation in Gmail you need to have a 30 percent open rate all right well guess what Hotmail and Yahoo.

It’s more like 20 or 22 all right so I prefer not even worry about what all those other numbers are. I try to I think simple is better and I want excellence in everything we do so. I’m always just gonna shoot for Gmail period as long as I hit Gmail basically everybody else is going to kind of follow the place that makes sense.

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