Michele Tampieri of Funnel Company Srl

Michele Tampieri

CEO of Funnel Company Srl

Michele Tampieri is an entrepreneur and a Funnel Marketing Expert.

CEO of Funnel Company Srl, the 1st Italian Funnel specialist company.
He’s the founder, with Alessandro Bentivoglio, of the “Funnel Marketing Formula TM” a proven method developed through the years by the experience.

       ✓ – Author of the 1st  Italian Funnel Marketing book (Funnel Marketing Formula)
       ✓ – Launched over 200 funnels in over 30 different markets.
       ✓ – Teached his methodolgy to over 1.000 students.
       ✓ – Member of the “2 CommaClub” of Russell Brunson Click Funnels.


9 Step Formula To Build A Sales Funnel From Scratch (Added Italian Spice)

I’m super excited to be speaking with you today as the first Italian marketing specialist in the series. I first got into funnels in 2007 when I was running my digital company doing mostly facebook ads and landing pages. That’s when I realized we needed to be building funnels in order to be successful.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Michele’s success

Using a 9 step formula to build a sales funnel from scratch

Result if you follow the steps in Michele’s session

Build strong marketing funnels that offer a unique perspective when delivering value to your market

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This is the part where you need just a pen and the paper. Most of the time when we are with our students, we say guys, close the computer and just open the mind, take your pen, take a paper and try to build up you know, to find more information you need to build up the funnels.

Then there is the strategy, the message, which is the copy. So set where you have to find what is important for your target to say. That is the instrument, you know. Because most of the time when there are important courses or training or stuff like that the people knows what to do, but they know how to do because most of them they miss the instrument then to build up the funnels.

And then of course there is the main part of the funnels. Then there is the branding. And this is another very important part because when you make publicity spot and you know Facebook has Google AdWords, the people just say, who is this person, which kinds of business. And they want to see before to get in your funnel, they want to discover who you are. And then you know, the branding and stuff like that.

So it’s very important that the funnel is in the middle of your strategy. But over that, there are you know, all the branding with blogs and all the rest of the things and then the begins the traffic. The traffic which depends the market, then there are the KPI within the KPI to analysis to see what is going on.

And then of course, there is the we call economy, which is the part where we try to improve step by step every single step of the process to see where, how we can improve the system to have better results.

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