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Mick Olinik

President & CEO at Rockstar Coding

Mike Olinik is a 3-time best selling author with 21 years in tech. He is the go-to tech strategist for heavy hitters in the health and fitness space, including Bedros Keuilian (CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp), Super Bowl Champion Steve Weatherford, Dan Ritchie of Functional Aging Institute, and best selling author and consultant Shawna Kaminski.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Mick’s success

Making sure that the marketing touches put forth are actually received and consumed

Result if you follow the steps in Mick’s session

Have a much better opportunity to make sure that your emails hit the Primary or Update tab in Gmail, rather than Promotions, et al

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What we’re really looking for is we’re looking for engagement. Okay. So, caveat to the question you just asked, all right. Content used to be the big issue that everybody’s worried about. That’s actually not the issue that most email providers are really paying attention to now. It’s not about the content.

Instead, its engagement. How is your email actually being engaged with your users? Alright, so the question is, how can we make sure we have a highest level of engagement?

And so like, looking at Gmail tabs, you’ve got, really, there’s five Gmail tabs that you probably care about but there’s three we’re going to care about. There’s primary, there’s update, and those promotions. Okay.

Your goal, as an email marketer is to land into primary or update. That’s it. All right.

If you can get into primary or update, then the opportunity that you’re going to have for all of the other, you know, marketing pieces that we talked about to work will be significantly upgraded. So that’s when your subject line actually matters, because people are actually going to see it. All right.

In terms of actual percentages of what people open, it differs for everybody. But we can talk about what the, you know, what the average open rate is to get a high reputation. So would that be useful for you here?

Yeah, definitely. So with the reputation obviously comes, right, primary inbox being number one, I’d assume. And then you’re saying updates is a close second?

Yep, exactly. So here’s how I’m going to break this out. All right. There are what we call the Big Four. When it comes to email marketing providers or ISP, so okay, so you’ve got Gmail, you’ve got AOL. You’ve got Hotmail, and then you’ve got Yahoo. Yahoo, thank you very much, appreciate it, Liam.

And then the other two, they’re also out there, they are also big deal, but they don’t matter quite as much are going to become Captain AT&T. Okay, so that’s the whole landscape.

With that, basically, the only thing that I care about as an agency, as somebody who leads an agency is Gmail. And here’s why. Basically, everybody else takes all of their keys and Q’s off of Gmail, and they run those rates at lower levels.

So when I tell you, that in order to have a high reputation in Gmail, you need to have a 30% open rate. All right, well, guess what? Hotmail and Yahoo, it’s more like 20 or 22.

Alright, so I prefer not even worry about what all those other numbers are. I think simple is better. And I want excellence in everything we do. So I’m always just gonna shoot for Gmail, period. And as long as I hit Gmail, basically everybody else is going to kind of fall in place. That makes sense?

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