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Mike Britton

Founder at Evolution to Wellbeing

Mike is the founder of Australia’s most successful fitness based businesses, Evolution to Wellbeing.

He has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and company leader. In that time, he’s learned to manage the various stresses and challenges associated with juggling family, business, personal and community commitments. He’s incorporated them into a system that he coins “A life that works”.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Mike’s success

Creating a mission statement, core values and way of being that funnels directly into a project plan and schedule that is consistent with current life activity

Result if you follow the steps in Mike’s session

Create a life that works with a schedule and healthy well-being

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So a lot of people talk about mission statements, which I think are great.

So for me, the first step is what I call a system of perspective.

And I think these are two components part in that because a lot of people wait for inspiration. I think that inspirational states they go Well like I want to be able to feel this all the time.

The example I use again because my background is fitness training I always use this example with people.

You, so the alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning to winter’s day, it’s dragging outside scenario. Two scenarios here.

Scenario one, person wakes up right next to his wife, girlfriend, boyfriend whoever it is, warm cuddly. Alarm goes off and they hear the rain, there go she they never remember what their commitment is.

And they get out of bed. But getting out of bed for that person took something wasn’t like Oh Wow, awesome five deadly dark rain. Let’s go.

Scenario two, exactly the same thing. Person wakes up and they go off. You know, it’s warming beer that’s raining out there. I’ll get to it.

So I always say to people like that distinction is again moment by moment and understanding that it takes something called a commitment to do what you’re doing. Then that comes from this place called Okay, what am I committed? What am I committed to?

So not what do I feel like but what am I committed to? And that kind of leads me into I guess what I would call my system of perspective. So, I’m going to share my screen if that’s okay for a moment.

I’m going to show you that because I think it’s a good way to understand it. This is what I call my system of perspective. And I’ve divided it up into terms of what we do at every because again, you know when I give this workshop to people to our trainers, we talk a lot about how how slides into evolution and work.

So the green section is the stuff that pertains to our business, but really, it pertains to any business.

So, you know, business plan, long-term, 90-day plan, your marketing, marketing, and comms plan your annual forecasting. So all the elements that go into Your business planning that’s on the one side.

And the other is things that just again over the years have really worked for me. So I’m going to give you give, you know, just a broad overview given the time frame. I’m very happy to embellish on this for you guys if there’s interest post the conversation.

But there are basically five core tools. So one is obviously you know, a mission statement. The other is I think it’s a very, very quick so it’s just you know, we call it your, you know, your bucket list of the hundred things before I die, but anything where you can just brainstorm a hundred things you’d love to do.

Another variation one is called life in service where you literally talk about every single person in your world and what you can do for them. It gives you an amazing sense of who you are and what you want to be in the world.

Then understanding what your core values are, and really that’s effectively a way of being an integrity checklist, which is all the stuff in your world that’s out that’s undone.

So anything from you know, out-of-shape text, not done. Bedroom on top, Whatever it might be just a brain dump of those things. And then I like to differentiate, you know, lifestyle goals from mission statements because sometimes people’s mission statements can be a little bit qualitative basically.

So I always say, Okay, if you’re gonna, you know, create a mission statement, awesome, but just think about the elements that are effectively measurable.

So the last hour goes around everything from you know, savings, personal finances, holidays, you know, what you want to do with kids, your own development, etc, etc. Then we do all those things.

And we basically, it’s like, we put them into a funnel, and all those things feed through a funnel, and they go into what we call our control bucket. But that there is a system of perspective, sharing that is worth taking. Yeah, that’s brilliant.

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