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Mike Killen

Founder of Sell Your Service
Mike Killen has taught over 2000 funnel builders how to build and sell funnels to their customers. Most recently he raised $15500 in funding through 2 emails and 2 Facebook live videos for his funnel software, Beaver Funnels.


How To Optimize Your “Thank You” Page

Mike Killen of Sell Your Service
When I am working I often look for places in my funnel where I can make things better and come up with new processes. I have been doing this for years, and I get excited just talking about it.

One day I noticed one thing in particular, I had trouble maintaining a…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Mike’s success
Creating a thank you page, after a squeeze page or opt in with a thank you message, upsell video and confirmation message. Deliver lead magnets via email, not redirects.
Result if you follow the steps in Mike’s session
An opt-in process that will lead to increased revenue, better list health, and more email subscribers

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I see people miss again and again and again, is this really simple page, is basically a thank you page, right? And the problem is that when we begin to collect email addresses, first of all, a few of them are going to be spam.

Okay, let’s say we’ve got this really killer cheat sheet that we offer to our market, right, or a free coupon or something that we can give away for an email address, right? You’re going to get some spam email addresses, first of all right?

You’re also, a lot of the time they kind of leave, like, we use OptinMonster for example, and the standard template is you enter your email address, hit send, and just says thank you for subscribing. We’ll be in touch soon. And I see so many people just leaving that in.

So I kind of wanted to cover this process whereby we can actually increase open rates for our email addresses in future, for our emails in future increase click through rates generate revenue much faster, as well as increase the quality and the hygiene of our email list, which sounds super boring. But when you’re looking at the difference between a 10% open rate and a 20%, open rate, all of a sudden you want to start doing that.

And we found that using this very simple process of a thank you page has more than doubled our open rates, more than doubled our click rates. And also started increasing our revenue generation way earlier in the process. Like we’re talking six months earlier in the process. So this is a really powerful tactic that we insist on installing on everyone’s funnel that we build, you know.

All right, yeah, I think people sometimes skip over this and I think this is something, which will, as you said, will help with so many different things from the open rate. But also I’ve seen this, you know, this page as a way to actually earn money and maybe people call it a tripwire or that upfront kind of product that will maybe pay for, you know, through our Facebook ads as well.

Yeah. And the problem is, is that when we start a new thing like the funnel, right, we start learning this entire new processes, entire new marketing strategy, it turns out, everything we learn at university is like 20 years out of date. It can become very overwhelming when we start with this new process. And then it turns out, there’s actually all these other little things that we have to do as well, like a thank you page.

And I see so many people just having the landing page and a little thank you message as opposed to redirecting them to a thank you page. And this is this is going to be a super pragmatic interview. I don’t know. You know how some of the other interviews have, but this is gonna be quite step by step. So I hope the guys listening and watching don’t mind that.

Yeah, this is perfect. Any way we can get the step-by-step actionable stuff, so everyone watching can walk away and start implementing the business and be useful for everyone. So yeah, let’s jump into it.

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