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Mike O’Neil

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Mike O’Neil is the founder and CEO of Integrated Alliances. He’s a LinkedIn pioneer awarded as a Top 50 Social Media Power by Forbes. He’s an author and keynote speaker, who’s been known for pushing the limits of LinkedIn with new ideas.

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You need to visit your inbox every day. That’s one of the one of the critical things. I mean, my gosh, if something pops into your inbox, it’s good. You shouldn’t wait too long to go back.

I mean 24 hours is the maximum amount of time you probably want to wait on something that came into your inbox in a in a good way. A lot of people will have their phones and their mobile devices and stuff, you know, be able to do things for them.

So I’m going to share something with you that almost nobody knows is one of my personal techniques. And so, on my iPhone here and I’m not going to go get the app I want a little that’s there’s the, that’s the Paul McCartney concert, Minneapolis there on my desktop here as well on my MacBook Pro is that as well.

But if you if you use a combination of your phone and your computer here, you can save some time. Let me share how the application here as you look and see the invitations that come in, it will show you when somebody has sent an invitation that has a custom message.

Otherwise, it just goes through to see a list of people and all of a sudden down here, someone who’s got a custom message and it sticks out.

So I’ll have my phone by me here and I’ll manage, I’ll make sure that I return my messages and accept those invitations and some thank you to those people who customize first. So there’s a tip to, you know, use your phone and the app here kind of as a one to see that.

I get 20,30,40 a day now. I used to get 100 a day but I turned a lot of things off because my network is so big. I have to delete 100 people to add 100 people. I gotta delete one to add one.

And it’s getting kind of hard now. I mean, I’ve deleted over 20,000 people from my network. I’m the most disconnected person you’re going to have on the show.

At one time, you couldn’t even delete on LinkedIn because it didn’t work, it timed out. It would just go whoo, like that couldn’t even delete. So the folks at LinkedIn actually went in and deleted entire countries.

For me, I picked 16 countries and they just wipe everybody from those countries out. That’s what I had to do to free up like 4000 so I could accept the next 4000 that had already come in. Got a little crazy out there. It’s not part of what I’m about anymore.

But at one time, the LinkedIn online open networker line world and the top link world were really what was driving the innovation. The people that were part of those networks were bought into that, were the big leaders, big multiple people.

And those are the folks that if you look at the people that got to 30,000 connections on LinkedIn, I was like number 10 or so to max out. Most of them are using some sort of a tool or system. It wasn’t just random thing, and I was part of part of that as well.

So, but then, you know, once you’re connected to lots of people now it’s like, I gotta delete 10 to add 10. Well, I’m gonna delete 10 from the bottom and add 10 more great people at the top and I accept about two thirds of the invitations that come into me now. Used to be 100%.

I used to send thank you messages to everybody. And I just I just don’t anymore, I guess you could say it’s matured a bit.

But my advice, people will get into your LinkedIn inbox. The other thing is the people that you’re talking to an email, invite them along the way.

I invite people that I’m involved in conversations with while I’m involved in conversations with them, not later or something. I try to do it while we’re while we’re active.

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