Nancy Gaines of Gain Advantages, Inc.

Nancy Gaines

Founder/CEO at Gain Advantages, Inc.

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Nancy is a Business Productivity Expert who has been advising Fortune 100 companies how to increase revenues through proven systems for almost two decades. She is a best-selling author and international keynote speaker. She has been named in the Top 100 Productivity Experts to follow on Twitter.

Nancy’s main focus is creating business processes with actionable steps so her clients achieve more consistency, ease, and ultimate success.


Get Automated – Learn 3 Easy Systems To Boost Your Productivity

Nancy Gaines of Gain Advantages, Inc.

Productivity is all about winning back 1 hour in your day. When you save an hour of work you not only save time for your business, but you also save time for things you want to do!

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Nancy’s success

Implement more systems (ie: procedures, methods, processes). Anything you do more than 2 times in your business needs a system. Anything you do more than 3 times should be automated.

Result if you follow the steps in Nancy’s session

More time for yourself and your personal life and less time and energy spent on easily automated repetitive tasks

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So first thing should be lead generation. It should be very consistent how you find leads, and that might be going to the same networking groups over and over. So people get to like, know and trust you, maybe you need a system for sales conversion.

So it’s repeatable. Every time you see a sales opportunity, you do step one, two, and three, it could be follow up.
And let me give a specific example of follow up that I love. It’s called 24, 7, 30.

So within 24 hours of meeting somebody, I connect with them on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter. Within seven days, I set up a meeting. So it might be a coffee, if they’re not here in Denver, or it could be a virtual meeting where we do a Skype, so I get another touch points.

And then every 30 days, I continue to follow up because most people aren’t ready to buy right at the moment you’re in front of them. So you need a way to stay on top of that.

So that’s another system. You need to sit attempt to get you some social media get featured in the media, all sorts of different systems money collection. Does this make sense? All those systems?

Yeah, there’s a load of systems there. How do we identify which ones we should maybe prioritize? Is it like two or three we should focus on at one time? Or is it one at a time?

Yeah, that’s a great question. So I just put a new report on my website at nancygaines.com. It’s the top systems you must have in your business, just start with five. And then you can build on that, get five things going in an ad on 6,7,8,9,10. So different ways.

Some of those most number one thing that I see with clients is they don’t follow up. They stop after maybe one or two phone calls. So having a follow up system is amazing.

One of my favorite tools is full contact SQL contact space data here in Denver, and they actually take a picture of your business cards and put it into some sort of contact management system. So I know where I met somebody the date I met them, and then I can put in the 24,7,30 follow up.

Okay, well, that 24, 7, 30, what’s that about?

Yeah, touch points. So three touch points within the first 24 hours, you put them into your social media. And then seven days, you’re going to do the coffee, virtual or by Skype, and then the 30 days. So full contact is great, because it actually tells me when I met them, and when those 30 days start.

Awesome. So we’re looking at those systems. And I think there’s probably a couple of the, probably share with us that people who are watching can implement right now in the business.

Sure, let me give you a couple other systems and these are free systems. Everybody should have a calendaring tool. I know you had one for this because it was fairly easy to scheduled this interview, but so many people, I had a client the other day who actually had a paper calendar, where she was writing in all of her appointments in pencil, and it was, it was actually kind of a mess.

So I encouraged her to get either you can bookme.com or schedule once. Great tools, free or low cost that people can schedule appointments with her instead of going back and forth with email.

Another system I love is the 5010 sprint system where you set a timer and you work on a specific task for 15 minutes and then take a mandatory 10 minute break whether or not you’re feeling in the groove, get up, get a glass of water walk out, change your mindset come back for another 15 minutes.

Another one I like, it is chunking. C-h-u-n-k-i-n-g, chunking. This is where you grew up like TAs together and work on let’s say you’re going to blog for 15 minutes, or you’re going to make a bunch of sales call follow up for 15 minutes or you’re going to do a product development. So you chunk your activities so your brain is thinking of the same way for the good 15 minutes.

So those are some of the three easy to start systems they could do right now.

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