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Natasha Vorompiova

Systems Strategist at SystemsRock
Natasha a business systems specialist, who helps service professionals to run their businesses with efficiency and ease. She comes to their rescue when they just can’t get to the stuff that matters, because the stuff that doesn’t matter always gets in the way.

Natasha strongly believes systems are not something you “do” to your business…imposing a logical order apart from who you are as a person. The best systems (including productivity systems) come from within and are based on the way you do things. Her approach looks at your personality, creativity and values – and the ways you naturally do things.


Create Systems Based Off Personality Type For Increased Productivity

Systems, simply put, are a way of doing things. When I talk about systems, I am talking about the series of steps it takes to get a task done from point A to point B. Systems are everywhere. They’re present in all the tasks that we do as business owners.

I know too many business owners who believe making a system sounds like a daunting task. However, it can really save time in the long term.

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Creating systems based off personality type
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Increased productivity

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And before that, let’s define the word systems. I’ll give my interpretation because I know that in different contexts system can mean different thing, which is perfectly okay. But when we talk about systems today, I will talk about this kind of sequences of tasks of steps that happen for us to get from point A to point B.

For example, somebody inquired about working with us. But what actually happens between that point and we actually meeting them for our first meeting, and what, to me what makes those sequences of steps system is that if those steps are repeated in that exact order, we get the same outcome over and over again.

So that’s what makes it into the system. So we talked a lot about systems which can also mean workflow or process so all of that will be the global, be interchangeably using this term when we talk about systems and are being more productive by establishing systems in our businesses.

Okay, brilliant. So that’s the definition. And yeah, please tell us a little bit more about what you wanted to share with everyone.

So when, I know that a lot of people, you mentioned that in the beginning, when business owners hear the word systems issue like oh, my God, like, now like this thing, I need to follow this step by step and what do they actually want me to do systems with me in a box? How?

Like, I know those fears because a lot of my clients come to me with those same fears. But the thing is that systems, and just like you said, then the women when you talk when you get my short buyer, and I believe that systems is not something like we do to our businesses. Best systems come from the way we do things already.

So the best thing to do when you look at okay, like how can I create more systems? How can they become more productive?
Actually, look at what you already do. And then document those steps. Look at like, what are those steps? What is something that’s, that actually needs to happen?

And creating that, the list of steps will allow us to see, first of all, do we really need to take all of those steps to get to the final outcome? How we can optimize this process, so we don’t do something that we don’t need to be doing.
And for that, I’ll give you a very simple example.

We already see lots of email. And we all want to spend less time in our inboxes. So it’s simple solution to that can be something like, okay, if we receive lots of emails, and if we want to answer those emails faster, we can come up with templates that we can use when we respond.

The same emails over and over again, we can use to say like Boomerang that will send the way emails that can wait, we can hire somebody who help us process our inbox. And though it’s a very valid solution, what I suggest you first do is actually look at the kinds of emails you receive, and whether you need to respond certain emails in the first place, how you can actually get less emails.

And that can be maybe, by creating an FAQ page, maybe it will be by encouraging your readers to find a solution first, before emailing you.

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