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Nathan Kievman

Founder at LinkedIn Strategies

Nathan Kievman is the founder of LinkedIn Strategies. He’s a world renowned LinkedIn expert & strategist specifically, a Digital Lead Gen Specialist. He’s earned $200M+ for his clients in direct response.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Nathan’s success

Targeting the right people for your business and nurturing relationships with people in the highest levels of businesses on LinkedIn

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The better you are at building relationships and personalizing your touches, the better response and engagement rate you’ll get overall.

But the few things that you have to do specifically to get 80 leads a month is, one, you to have an optimized profile. Now I know that’s been covered already, I believe in this summit. But you have to make sure that you position that the right way.

If you haven’t heeded the advice of what everyone else has taught you about that, do so. Because a well optimized profile is your conversion tool. It’s what gets people interested, it was good, it gets people ready to pay attention to you.

And it’s what’s going to get them to say, hey, you know what, this person is worth my time, because that’s my most valuable commodity as an executive, and I really just don’t have much of it.

So if I’m going to talk with you on the phone, then I got to think that you’re at least worth my time and unique enough to have that conversation. So that’s number one.

Number two is you have to know your target market. How do you find your target market? You’ve got to get really, really good at what’s called Boolean search, which is how you use the search features inside of LinkedIn.

Now, for those of you that don’t know, LinkedIn is like a massive database. I think we’re over 400 million members now. And it’s effectively for those of you that know what a Rolodex says, it’s a Rolodex to everybody in the world. It’s crazy.

And literally, if you understand how to use Boolean search, right, you can come up with like a 95% accurate list on LinkedIn with your entire target market in a matter of minutes. And that’s what we’re really good at. So we teach people how to do, we have some cool things.

I’m sure there’s other people in the trainings here that will be sharing how to do that. But I’ll give you one big tip on that. Focus on the title box, not the keyword box. LinkedIn would have you focus on all of the keywords, which is that little white box at the top of LinkedIn.

Well, you see, the white box has a search feature and says, you know, type in SEO here and a lot of examples are your type in SEO there and you’ll get like 2 million people but if you type in SEO under current titles and the title box, they only get like 890,000 or something, you literally, what you’re doing is you’re filtering to the area of the search that matters to who you want to talk with.

Because keywords applies to the entire LinkedIn profile but the title box applies to just the current title box and says really, it’s an intricate process.

Learn it, if you haven’t already. I’m sure there’s a lot of resources out there, we have a lot of resources about it as well. And really master Advanced Search. If you can master Advanced Search, it will take you a long way in acquiring a market. So that’s number two.

The third thing you have to do is you have to understand what strategy you’re using for engagement. So LinkedIn has a lot of ways that we can engage, right? They have the ability to market, we can post in groups, we can own our own group, we can connect with targeted people, we can ping 15 people a month now inside, you know, that we share a group member with, you can use mails.

These are all the methods of engagement within LinkedIn. There’s a handful of them but that’s it. There’s no more beyond that. So how do we engage, what’s the most effective?

I personally believe in what you’ve got, what we call the connect and engage model, is we find the exact right people that we want to talk to, we hyper filter them by region, by industry, by title, then we invite them within a personalized way, sequentially, and offer basically to build a relationship and we write copy that is appealing to them.

That would make sense, once we get those invitations to connect, and we follow up with that one person three or four times until they finally respond to us.

And we’re getting anywhere from 70 to 80% response rate from our markets that connect with us, which is, you know, I mean, they’re connecting with us, you would hope that would be higher, but 78% and this approach is phenomenal, guys, it’s just phenomenal. And that will get you your 80 leads per month.

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