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Nick Unsworth

Founder at Life on Fire

Nick Unsworth is the CEO at Life on Fire. He has grown to over 177k social media followers through automation, 53,000 email subscribers, and have a profitable 7 figure business.

Nick sold a business by 30 years old, coached over 2,551 people, and has consulted clients including: Daymond John from Shark Tank, Mark Divine from Navy Seals.com, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance and more.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Nick’s success

Setting up and automating webinars

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Grow your social media followers and email subscribers, and have a profitable 7 figure business

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The first step is to build your opt in page. And so your opt in page, they’ve got templates that have already been proven to convert, and you can edit the templates, you don’t need to be a techie, you don’t need to be a graphic designer, you can upload your images, you can literally just type in, you know, all the things that you want inside of it.

And the great thing is that they have a split testing tool. So your first hurdle is you want to make sure that your OPT in page is getting over a 30% opt in rate.

So if you’re running ads, you’re having affiliate promoting or a joint venture, however, you’re getting people to the page, you want to make sure that if you’re only converting at 10%, I mean, you’re, you’re missing out on so much opportunity. You know, so what I love is that they’ve got very basic analytics.

So you start getting some traffic and you’re like, Oh, it’s at 10%, they’ve got a tool where you push a button, and allows you to split test. So that just simply means take the same content, put it on two different variations, different styles, you can change the color, and you know, so we just start with the two.

And you know, we set it up, we take the video, you, you know, can use YouTube, you can use Vimeo, you simply put in the embed code of your, basically your presentation.

And once you do that, the next piece is to then choose how are people signing up and registering. This is incredibly important. I actually learned this from Tai Lopez. So we did it, promotion. And I thought I had my webinar totally dialed.

And his team has so much experience with every webinar that they said no. No, these are the settings that we’re going to use. Like, there is no negotiate. Like, these are the settings. I’m like, but I’ve been testing this and they’re like, trust me.

So when you’re setting up the settings, you got to figure when someone lands on the page, and they go to opt in, there’s a cool feature. It’s called a micro commitment.

So they click the register button, it pops up a box that says, you know, name, email, you can even add in phone. But it’s going to give them the opportunity to sign up for the different times for the webinar.

So you can choose to have a whole bunch of different times, you can choose that, the times that are two days from now. What we found to work the best and this just came through the promotion with Ty, is that when you choose, the fact that they can have what’s called the just in time webinar, what that means is that when they click the button, the box pops up for them to put in their info, they can choose to consume that content just in time. So that means it’s going to run about every 15 minutes on every quarter. So every 15 minutes.

So if there’s one starting at 4:15, and it’s for 12, it’ll be like there’s one starting in three minutes. So what’s great about that is, you got to figure if someone sees your ad, or if someone responds to an email that someone’s promoting, you know, your webinar and your content.

There’s a lot of people out there that want to just consume it, you know, they don’t want to sign up and be like, oh, shoot, it’s three days from now. They’re, you know, people forget, they get busy. What if it’s an inconvenient time, so it just giving them a simple choice.

And so just in time feature is so important. They click that, they can hop in right away. The great thing is, if they’re just like, maybe they’re at work, maybe they’re busy, so what we’re also giving them as the option, we only give them three other options. And we make the options the next day, the day after that, and the day after that.

So we start on one day apart, and that is what we found to work the absolute best. And so what’s great about that is, if they’re not gonna watch right now, because they’re at work, they’re busy or something, they can choose.

So they’ve got three options. You don’t overwhelm them with options, they pick the one that’s right for them, and they opt in. And the beautiful thing about it is that you know, I don’t mess with the tech I don’t mess with like, you know, hosting our own emails and sinking it with Infusionsoft. Simple, simple, simple, simple.

You know, I found that the more I simplify my business, the more profit we make.

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