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Oli Billson

Founder at Oliver Billson Marketing

Oli Billson is the founder and CEO of Oliver Bilson Marketing. His superpower lies in strategizing and implementing cutting edge, conversion-­led, money making sales and marketing funnels. Unlike a lot of Marketers, it’s safe to say he makes more money actually practicing what he preaches, than teaching it!

After starting his own business at the age of 15, Oli’s portfolio now spans four incredibly successful businesses, including Information Marketing, Training and Coaching, Bricks and Mortar businesses, and his widely sought after ‘Done For You’ Marketing business, as well as being an Internationally recognised Franchisor.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Oli’s success

Adding an offline element to conversion strategies

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Re-engage or reactivate your existing list to convert more sales

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So kind of the laying out the steps of it are, we put together a free guide, essentially a free report. And that’s nothing new to anybody, you know, don’t think, wow, this is not really that transformational, I can assure you it gets better.

So we put together a free guide, which is sent to the house list, which is encouraging them to go in and learn about something new.

We like to theme this just a little trick for you. We like to theme this. And so the theme that we chose was the revolution.

And so people like and are attracted to something that’s new. The new opportunity, the thing that they haven’t yet seen, but they can take advantage of and so we like this idea of the revolution.

And we’ve actually carried that thing through to many different niches actually, in a similar way. So we put together this free report now, essentially, the free report is a sales letter. It’s a framed upside.

As I said, really, it is providing some value and is providing some information in advance. But it is essentially a sales letter.

Now to make sure that we’re aligning the message to market match within that sales, that it was neatly and as tightly as possible, I like to think of it like you being more like a sniper rifle rather than a shotgun when it comes to your kind of sales message.

So how do you do that? Well, when we’re driving people to a typical opt in page to download the free guide, and we’re asking them one a three question, well, one question which has three possible answers.

And now in our case, we were selling a business opportunity and kind of a franchise. And so it meant that we could book it up our audience into three different categories.

For us it was, how do you want to get started part time, full time or as a bolt on to what you already do? Really that simple.

Now, some people will say well, you’re asking for more information on the opt in when they’re asking for their name and email. Yeah, we’re getting them to re opt in. But we’ve already got them on our house list.

So we’re, you know, we’re not really, they were already familiar with us, but we are asking this question to them. What that allows us to do is profile those people into a number of different categories.

So we can position our message to them very directly. And so it means that when they begin to read it, they can engage with it, obviously a lot better than they would do otherwise.

Now, I’m on the thank you page. I’ll come back to that in a few moments on the thank you page, we actually asked them. So thanks very much for requesting that, the free guide that’s going to be sent to your email in a few moments.

But we then ask for them say, hey, great, but we’ve also a physical version of this, of this report, we’d like to send you with a few of the additional bonuses we thought you might find helpful. Because you downloaded this, it was supportive information of the free download.

And so 80% of the people that gave us their first name and email and answered the question on step one, gave us their full contact information. On step two games, their full mailing address, and also the phone number as well.

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