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Patrick Bet-David

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Patrick is a successful startup entrepreneur, CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., emerging author and Creator of Valuetainment on Youtube. As a natural critical thinker, Patrick takes complex leadership, management and entrepreneurial ideas and converts them into simple life lessons for today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Patrick is passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders by teaching thought provoking perspectives on entrepreneurship and disrupting the traditional approach to a career.

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So first of all, prioritize. For instance, we just had a new president. So let’s talk about that.

And not getting political here. So your audience is safe, you’re fine. Don’t think I’m going off the charts. And you know, I’m going to say some stupid things. We hated this guy. We should have never brought him on board.

Look, if you look at in America, everybody who was thinking about who to vote for, know to ask this question. But the question we would ask ourselves is, what is the biggest problem we have in the country that we need to fix?

So typically for politics, there’s 20 years. Let’s just say abortion, pro life, pro choice gay marriage, racism, military economy, taxes, whatever, whatever, whatever. Just put all these lists, right?

The media will pick something that they can nitpick the most, and they will make you and I believe that that’s the most important issue.

But what is the most important issue to you, right, for our kids may convince us that the most important issue is the fact that they don’t have the latest Xbox. That is not the most important issue, right? What is the most important issue that we need to figure out?

So sit down and ask yourself what is that problem, truly the biggest problem. Are you simply turning a molehill into a mountain?

Number one, to make a list of things in that issue that you control and you do not control. For instance, one friend of mine says, “Well, you know, we’ve been trying for seven years for her to get pregnant and she doesn’t get pregnant”.

You cannot control pregnancy, man, going to drive yourself insane. I have more friends of mine that are having miscarriages and stressing out and are panicking in their marriage. Just being affected, they’re trying to be God, but you cannot force things you can’t control.

No matter how much your time off, some things you can’t control. It’s just it is what it is on businesses the same way. What do you control? Are you spending way too much of your time trying to change things you cannot control?

Make a list of things that you can control that when you make a list of things that you can’t control, which one of them can you change today, which one of them can change three months from now? Six months from now? 12 months from now, 24 months from now, for instance. What does that mean?

Let’s just say there’s a guy in the market you want to recruit to work for your company. He is a beast, he’s gonna cost you a quarter million dollars. You only can afford 60,000. You can’t hire that guy. But maybe you can hire him two years from now. So put him on your board, just like what I did.

I had the guy that’s our president on our company, who sold a company for 680 million dollars. I can’t hire him seven years ago. I bring him as advisory board. A year and a half ago, I hired him full time as a president, as our president and I can afford him now. I couldn’t afford him back then. But I brought him in as a board.

What can you do? Control. What can’t you control, spend more time with the things you can’t control today, then put a three step plan of action together to get it all.

Right, focus on the one thing you can get solved today. The easy, is it the easiest thing or the most important thing?

No, most important thing, not the easiest thing. The most important thing that you can solve today.

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