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Paul Ramondo

CEO of Ramondo Media

Paul is a fast-growing authority on digital growth hacking and marketing and is a sought after keynote speaker.Paul has spent the last decade of his life actioning digital and social marketing strategies for both national and global brands including; Porsche, RedBull and Choice Hotels. During this time, Paul’s campaigns have consistently achieved insane results and ROI, For example, he turned a $16k Facebook Ad spend into $250k of revenue in only 32 days.



From Instagram To Website: How I Turned $6,000 Into $160,000

I quit my full time job in 2015 to work for myself. I started my own agency and I had tremendous growth in my first year.

I’ve gone all in on teaching people how to do what I do for themselves. I love digital marketing, whether it’s Facebook, email, or Instagram. I’m a total nerd about all of it!

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Transitioning from Instagram to a website

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Effectively understanding how to use Instagram as a paid ad platform to support an overarching digital strategy focused on return on ad spend (ROAS)

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So I found, I think, again, everything that I’m saying kind of really ties back into your overall strategy, the niche that you’re in, and I guess the whether you’re a b2c or b2b business. What works best I find, taking kind of like a two step approach or looking at your advertising on Instagram in two ways, works really well.

The first way is basically looking at people that are brand aware. People name is where is that runway, like I mentioned earlier, so these people the locking with people that follow you on Facebook may or lack of Facebook, live Instagram and then looking at your core audience as a separate second part of your approach to Instagram.

So what you want to be doing with your first audience, to the brand where audience, is you want to be basically talking to them or trying to move them, to either, move them along your customer journey to either sign up to a lead magnet, whether it’s you know, a free ebook, or a free blueprint or checklist or hack list or whatever. Because you already have a relationship with them.

And they’re going to have a high propensity to trust you and be like, oh, this is actually a value, I’m going to try and sign up this lead magnet which is eventually related to the ultimate product or service trying to sell them.
And that’s kind of how I’d approach very generally how I’d approach people that are brand away and people are not brand new.

So these are people that don’t, aren’t on your email list and not in your funnel, they don’t like it on Facebook. They’ve never heard of you before. Totally cold to your business. I would reverse engineer, whatever word, whatever it is, you’re called co author is.

So let’s say you’re trying to sell. Let’s say you’re trying to sell financial consulting services, right, or let’s say trying to sell digital marketing services. Let’s say you’re trying to sell Instagram ad services, right?

And you want to basically target small business owners there in a b2b vertical to get them not only to trust you and build authority with authority with them, but ultimately to buy your service that you’re offering, which is Instagram ad management.

So I would start at the end and work my way back. So if the goal is to sell Instagram service management, and Instagram ads, service management, that’s the core offer. From selling and all that I’m trying to think of you within about a lead magnet you can create, promote those services that lead to the services.

So I would think of something like an Instagram like it at all, hacks to Instagram ads, like an E book, right and then I have a book and that would be my lead, which in order to get, my audience would have to give me their contact details, email, phone number, first name, last name, whatever you had to do in order to kind of get that value from me.

And before that at the very, very top of my funnel in terms of using Instagram as a gateway drug to my content for potentially selling my services, I would run a bunch of carousel based Instagram ads, they’re super sexy, really well put together speak the language of its brand at us and that’s you know, promoting some kind of lagarto related to the magnet, the lead magnet and I’m trying to promote.

So essentially the customer journey on it from a customer point of view will be like okay, I don’t know about business x then I got an Instagram and business there I see a really cool sexy carousel ad from business x. Oh, I want to learn more about maybe it’s like a carousel ad for money listicle right like a school being like top x white big businesses can use Instagram to get the leads.

So you are cool. I’m a b2b business I want to get you leads. Scroll through this carousel ad, click on the, click on it the really sexy images and then I go to the website. I go to the business’s website, I’ll call, this is some really cool tips, I think I might want to use them.

And then inside the call, there’s lead measures on the eight Instagram ad hacks. For small businesses, my heart sounds like something I could use based on the content, I just, I can either choose to download it and give him my contact information. Or I can choose not to download it.

Now if I choose not to download it, what you do is retarget the people that didn’t download the lead magnets, they didn’t download or didn’t give you their contact information. In the future maybe of next three days, try and get them to eventually give you their contact information for that email and to give them, you can do that on Instagram as much as you can do it on Facebook too.

And then the whole idea is to kind of like escalate people up this customer journey and customer value ladder I guess by offering them incremental pieces of value until ultimately they’re like actually, you guys are talking about the solution so you can sell.

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