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Paul built a campaign for Shark Tank winner that did six figures in its first 9 days. Helped an invisible dog fence installer removal seasonality from his offering. He saves hours every month on operational/financial habits that have been streamlined (for a one-man show that’s a big deal). He built an audience over 1k on Twitter specifically for expertise on automated experiences. Earned thousands from Infusionsoft Cookbook and subsequent video courses.


The Power Of The Follow Up

I feel like working at InfusionSoft have been my own Ph.D. program in small business marketing.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Paul’s success

Using follow up properly.

Result if you follow the steps in Paul’s session

Better online interactions and more referrals from customers by mastering the art of the follow-up, by understanding positioning and your customer’s needs.

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This a product like a shampoo that is going to need to be refilled and replenished if so you’re going to want to follow up with somebody differently than if you’re buying like you know a home mortgage you know totally different types of product here.

So what when following up with a brand customer you always want to look at like what else what’s the next like what is their second sale if there is one or in the case of like selling a mortgage maybe the the second sale quote is serving them very well and then six months later you having an aggressive referral campaign so let’s say that we’re doing is a one-time use product that you know is again refillable so our actually sit to sit keep it easy you buy it once.So like I’m only going to buy an e-book once or Mobe going to buy a hammer once or something like that what you want to do is in your follow-up you want to make sure that you’re empowering people to get the most value that they can out of their purchase so somebody just bought like an e-book for example I can follow up and be like hey on page 14 I spoke about this here’s a  worksheet help you out with that giving like little bit hidden bonuses and cool people like that if it’s a service-based thing.

Let’s say you’re a utilize your lawn service right your follow up is probably going to be maybe a little more transactional and priming them for another seasonal sale so hey thanks for letting us come on duty are you know here’s a couple of tips to keep your stuff looking nice and you know stay in touch and then maybe throughout the season dripping some educational stuff on I’m about hey here’s going to keep your lawn green or here’s the best kind of you know the cheapest kind of juicers you can get to do your own you know home trims or whatever the case is but again it’s all based on what are you trying to do ultimately so if I was this lawn service here I’d want to say top mine.

So that way when I’m right before the summer season comes out and winners just ending I can email be like hey you want to get in the books forget your lawns mowed you know first thing and you know whatever the first month is a you know summer is for you guys over there so there’s not really one size fits all the short answer would be when you have a new customer and you want to since email follow-up you should figure out why are you following up with them in the first place trying to get the most value out what it is they just purchase and make sure that you’re priming and and framing whatever the next step is so if I’m a home you know they’re from like like seventh doing mortgages or lawn services.

I’m gonna start framing and framing people they’re gonna give me referrals pretty much what am I starting to use that language you used we would recommend use the word refer another more advanced tactic is after somebody buys wait until the consumption period has happened or for them to get it so if I were to buy a book and it shows up in like you know three or four days I’m not gonna follow up in five days and say so hey what do you think about the book because they need time to read it right but follow up with them after a normal time and they would consume is and ask for theirs their satisfaction and their feedback right then there and then.

What you do is if someone had a bad experience so they’re not liking it you can just personally follow up with them and I’d recommend that or if they had a great experience you can actually ask them great you want to give us a testimonial if do you want to give us a referral you can be a little smarter about it because obviously if somebody had a bad experience and you ask for a referral you’re you just gonna piss them off.

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