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Pejman Ghadimi

Founder at Secret Entourage

Pejman Ghadimi is a Serial Entrepreneur with 6 companies as primary shareholder.

Multi Millionaire since the age of 27. His business expertise isn’t online and yet Pejman’s business doesn’t have the highest level of followers, but he bets it has the highest revenue to follower ratio.

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So one of the things that works really well at Secret Entourage today is posting sales ads, getting very clear ads with $1 offer on it. This would be like saying my program is typically $3,000. And now it’s 80% off today only.

So the main things that work on Instagram when it comes to surface selling, meaning direct selling, is posting an ad that is an image that actually has not only the type of content you typically post but with a large caption on showcasing an urgency. Meaning, there’s a sale ending or it’s only the first hundred people.

And then posting an incredible value. Meaning, showing that the program is discounted 98% or it’s only $99 versus, you know, it’s usually 399, showing like an urgency to act.

Now, this has worked tremendously well with Secret Entourage. And as a result of it, we run weekly sales on all of our programs and post an average of one photo every 30 minutes on a 24 hour rotation. So you can see that that’s a lot of images and a lot of different captions.

And we use both the image strategy as well as the caption strategy, like I was saying with links, and that has converted very well on large stage like super arms, right? Because their reach is so much smaller as the amount of followers increases.

So because of that, and because it’s not personal, people realize it’s a business that’s helped tremendously a lot in the monetizing.

On the other side, though, like with Secret, we also monetize on the backend because whoever comes to the site, we capture the email on the site, on the site itself. So the sales strategy work well. With ads it doesn’t work so well when there’s no special or time. Like there’s no urgency to make a purchase right then and there.

What has worked well in non urgency setting is product placement, is having our product amongst well known products, meaning having our book next to a best seller book that was more recognized than ours, you know, that was bigger, that would be read by similar audience, or having perhaps the keys to one of my Ferraris and Lamborghinis next to the book showcasing like a level of success coming with the book, you know, like I said earlier, like having the books in the trunk.

Just kind of seemed like the cool thing to do you know, that you don’t see every day, coming up with creative captions and creative images has been the key to driving engagement and really the key to monetizing because ordinary content that’s just shared over and over it just doesn’t get a reaction.

And it’s really bizarre, but we’ve noticed over time, that if we just post other people’s posts or our own posts on, it just doesn’t work, like it just doesn’t get people’s reaction or comments.

The other thing that’s been huge that we haven’t talked about yet, like in terms of monetizing that’s important is we don’t do any page shots on any of our pages, meaning that we do not monetize our Instagram.

Forgive me by saying, but by whoring out to other brands to post on our page, we create strategic partnerships with people that have value in promoting our brand and we have value in promoting theirs. And we limit that to only 10% of our posts.

This is something very important because people don’t realize that if you have a page that’s constantly being sold other products, your audience realizes you’re selling other people’s crap all the time. So they stopped having interest or find value in the trust element.

So they’re not willing to have a purchase because they understand you’re getting paid to whore out something versus on the other hand, when they come to our page, all they see is our content and our product, and yet on our competiting sites and other sites we do or out their programs, they do sell our program.

So they’re seeing our program on both their pages and our pages, but they’re not seeing anybody else’s program in our pages. So that lack of endorsing other people actually has helped their brand stay very trustworthy amongst their audience, and then willing to make a purchase with us, either immediately or through our funnel.

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