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Perry Marshall

Owner at Perry S Marshall & Associates

Perry Marshall is the Owner at Perry S Marshall & Associates – Best-selling Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing. Consults companies on generating sales leads, web traffic, & maximizing marketing results. At $2,000/hour he’s one of the world’s most expensive & sought-after marketing consultants with waiting lists for his top coaching groups.

He is one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after business consultants.

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First of all, my philosophy is 80% content, 20% sales. And that could apply to 10 emails where eight of them are content and two of them are sales or it can apply to a single email where 80% of what you say is teaching them something or giving them some value or connecting with them emotionally or making them feel good about themselves and 20% is I’m asking you to do something. I’m asking you to be on this webinar or whatever.

So even when we do a webinar, I always try to save something that they can use or they can feel that there was some value there. Now, it doesn’t always have to be like value that a bean counter would recognize, like I am going to teach you how to do something. Sometimes it’s just reading them a page in their diary and letting them know that they’re not alone, that other people experienced this too.

Like I’ve got a blog post called four against which started as an email and we put on our blog and we put it on social media. Against, and it talks about we’re for these things and against these things and for these things, against these things and, or for the things that help entrepreneurs, and we’re against the things that drag us down.

And one of the things that talks about this, is this belief that a lot of people have that, the business is just dividing up pies, and people trying to take the most, and it takes it away from everybody else and know what we’re about is baking new pies. And you can make as many pies as you have the creativity to create and, you know, entrepreneurs are constantly assaulted with this, this kind of belief in the culture that business is bad and that entrepreneurs are greedy.

And you know, my experience of entrepreneurs is they are not that greedy. In fact, sometimes they’re not greedy enough. Like sometimes they’re trying so hard to help people that they’re not even making a profit and they’re not realizing like it’s okay.

In fact, you know, Zig Ziglar once said that your number one mission is not to help people, your number one mission is to make a profit. Because unless you make a profit, you can’t feed your family. And, you know, he’s right. And yeah, there are people that aren’t trying to help people. But I don’t think there’s very many. I think entrepreneurs are very generous people.

But what I was illustrating through that was that I make deposits into the emotional bank account because I am really for my customer. Now, I know markets who are like, well, let’s sell to people that believe in conspiracy theories, because they’ll buy stuff that costs a lot of money and it’s like this totally, coldly calculated kind of thing and I just can’t do business that way.

Like I really do love my customers, I love what they do. I respect what they do. And so, you know, make the deposit and you put things like that out and they go viral like the for against thing really did go viral. In fact, we’re about to start using it again because time has gone by.

So if you make the deposit in the emotional bank account, you’ll have a positive balance. And then when you want somebody to do something, they’ll do it. Whereas the whole point of Stephen Covey is, once you’re bottomed out, you’re done. Like, they’re not gonna engage with you anymore. So always build that relationship.


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