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Perry Van Beek

Founder of SOCIAL.ONE

Perry Van Beek is the founder of SOCIAL.ONE. He’s a LinkedIn social selling expert, trainer & international keynote speaker. He coaches entrepreneurs, sales professionals & solopreneurs how to quickly & easily create effective new sales opportunities using LinkedIn.


Don’t Have The Best LinkedIn Profile? I’ve Shown 10,000 People Why They’re Missing Out On Sales

I can proudly say that I was one of the first 1 million members to join LinkedIn. This was back in 2004, and I didn’t really focus on the platform that much at the time.

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You need to shift your mind because most salespeople are trained, you know, to go and get orders, you know, they have to crush their quarters and things like that. So they’re really trying to hunt where social selling is, it’s not actually about selling, it’s about creating relationships, about creating engagement with your audience, with your prospects.

So you need to shift your mind. And it was an experience I had a number of years ago now.

My oldest child is six, now 12, but he was six at the time. We were driving back from vacation and in the south of France and my car got into a skid. And it went all over the place. And I have my wife beside me, three kids on the on the back-seat.

And that’s the scariest thing that happens to you as a father, you know. That was when I finally got my car under control. And I never stopped, that was no damage either. My heart was like, like here, it’s the scariest thing that happened to me.

And then so I look in the mirror to see if my kids are right them expecting them to be completely, you know, shocked. And my son is in the middle said, can we do that again? See, that’s it. He had a completely different perspective on situation. He was like, I love this.

So and that’s the whole thing with social selling as well. People don’t understand how great LinkedIn is for you as a salesperson. Because all of your prospects are on LinkedIn, if you’re in a b2b environment, all of your prospects are on there. And you can find them, you can reach out to them.

And if you start selling straight away, sure, you know, you’re going to lose them. But if you start providing value, if you start adding value to their lives, making their lives better, making their professions, you know, easier, you’re going to create engaging relationships. And it’s that easy, really.

So that’s what social selling is. And of course, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right, you take the right steps.

Now, it’s the very first thing that you always need to do is create a professional LinkedIn profile, a unique strategic and professional LinkedIn profile. So make sure that it’s about you when people recognize you straightaway and there’s a couple of things you know, that you really need to pay attention to but I’m sure other people will go into that in other interviews, am I right? Or do you want me to?

Yeah, it’s kind of covered before but if you want to just, you know, quickly and you know, 30 seconds or something that, the main things people should be covering to kind of take this process of, you know, taking them through the whole social selling process into a new customer.

Great. Well focus on your headline. Your headline is your, it’s like the entry ticket to your profile. It’s like whether people will or will not open your profile. So you enter the headline, should already be appealing, then make sure that your summary is just great but hasn’t includes a call to action.

And I know LinkedIn doesn’t like it, but you want to include a call to action to your own website, you know, get them to your own environment. So that you can continue the relationship there and then you build it up to another level, you know, provide something like a checklist or provide a video or a white paper or a case study something of value, now offer something of value, build on that.

And then third, but that’s what most people seem to forget because you need to be found on LinkedIn as well. So include your keywords and the right places and especially your current title, your current job. Title defines whether you are actually seen as relevant by LinkedIn or not.

If you just says account manager, forget about it, you know, you’re not really that relevant for LinkedIn, because there’s other people, will have a GM manager Telecom, for example, well, they’re going to be found for Telecom, rather than the other guy who just hasn’t gotten it. So focus on that as well.

So but, you know, I can talk for about three hours on just profile and I usually do so. So we will stop on that.
But so that’s the first thing, you need to have a good profile, then you need to share content. So I call that your LinkedIn personal branding. And you can do that in about 20 minutes a day.

And as we agreed, you know, I’m providing you with the documents. And for everybody who’s paying, they will get that document for free as part of the program. So it’s a 10 step program on what to do, which maximizes 20 minutes at a maximum. And you will shoot, you know, to the, you will note it.

I had a client who did it a couple of weeks ago and he responded to me so I can’t believe in my profile views have skyrocketed 1700 percent increase in profile views 1700 percent just over a week and a half was for him. So, it works. It’s great.

So it’s just a, it’s a 10 step program and I will share that with you. And then of course, social selling you know, how to find your customer, and how to how to connect with them and how to, you know, get their relation to another level. I call it collects, you know, collecting your suspects, connect, connecting with them as prospects, convert, how to convert the relationship.

So collect, connect, convert. It’s a typical three C’s you know, we always love them, but so, collect gonna convert and I’m happy to show you a couple of, I would like a demonstration of that, you know what.

For example, if let me just share my screen with you. Here we go, Chrome. If I go to, for example, if I go to, let me see who’s viewed my profile, for example.

Now what you will see is, well, there’s one thing I also want to recommend everybody you know, if you’re serious about sales, if you’re really serious about getting clients upgrade to the premium profile, really, it’s not cheap anymore. It used to be quite expensive. It used to be quite affordable. Now it’s not that cheap. It’s about 45 euros here, per month.

On the other hand, you know, what is one clients bring you, you know, and what about one client a month or one client or two clients a month? What will that bring, you know? If one client brings you just a little bit, you may know one. But most people have no client, is worth quite a bit of money so now I’m going to give you an example here.

For example, I saw that that there if you go to who viewed my profile and the view upgraded you can actually sort by, you know by who know what your viewers do, like business owner, founder, partner, corporate trainer, salesperson, and I can see that you know, exactly so I can also see what companies that work for example. I see this a couple from banks tell it to multi copy.

Now viewers who work at LinkedIn that’s always interesting, of course. But if I look at the title and I go to for example, found a partner and I scroll down I will see okay, when do I see anything interesting, or see straightaway messages somebody I’m already connected to. And connect means I’m not connected yet, means it’s a potential prospect for me.

Now I’ve found for example, Basil Azarov here empowering entrepreneurs and data driven marketers, growth marketing, conference, startup socials. That’s interesting for me. He could be potentially interested in three.

So now what most people can do is they just click the connect button right here. That’s the worst thing you can do. They visited your profile, obviously, there’s some type of interest you raised, some interest somewhere. What you want to do is open their profile.

And then of course, what you can do, you can connect right here which is the easiest thing to do, but you can also, and that’s a tip that most people actually don’t know. But if you go just underneath this profile picture, you’ll see the little star and if you click on that says save to contacts. And if you save it, and then go to connections, and then you will do sort by you’ll need to do saved and then sorted by new filter by safe sort by new, you’ll see he m at the top.

Now for some people, it’ll, if you do sort by new, it’ll already work and some people won’t. So you need to discover that for yourself. But if I now click Connect, I do not have to specify how I know him. It doesn’t matter anyway. But, also my message can be a lot longer than the 300 characters maximum that I normally have.

So and I would just send him a message, you know, like, “Hi, Basil”, and I’m doing it live hoping he will connect and then see the show. After he’s like, “Hey, that was me on there. So Basil, sorry about that. Thank you very interesting, my LinkedIn profile, I appreciate it. We’d love to hear what you can, what drove you to my profile? If I can help you in anyway regarding social selling or otherwise, please do reach out. Okay. I’d also like that my network. I hope you’re open to this. Thanks, Perry”.

Now I get about 70 to 80% positive response rate to that because I personalized it because I looked at the roll call, so they see a look back at their profile. So see there’s an interest somewhere. So you want to use that feature from LinkedIn.

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