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Peter Caputa

CEO at Databox

Peter Caputa IV is VP Sales at HubSpot. As HubSpot employee #15, Pete has played a pivotal role in helping to develop the people, processes and systems that have helped HubSpot scale to 1,000+ employees, 2300+ agency partners, 15,000+ customers and $115M in revenue.

Pete now oversees teams across the sales department—including the media team, which he helped build from the ground up.

An expert on the B2B media industry and inbound marketing, Pete has helped hundreds of companies transform the way they attract, convert, and close customers for both themselves and their advertisers.

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Enticing people to contribute to their content

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Strategies to entice people to contribute to your content for better engagement and visibility

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First of all we were like doing the social prospecting for the most part, where we just like find somebody, ask him to contribute and realize that we were kind of being silly. We had all this traffic now and we might as well start using some of our traffic to encourage people to contribute.

So, we launched this landing page a few months into it, where we basically use the content that we have to push people to sign up to contribute to future articles. So, we now have a list of people. It’s more than 1000 people that have contributed to a post or signed up through this forum to contribute.

So just a little bit about why they should do it right. And then they go on to a list. This is HubSpot power landing page that goes right into a Smart list inside HubSpot, and then we want to do a new article, whip up the survey monkey form and send it to everybody that filled out that form. This is what an article might look like. We have an integration with HubSpot.

So, in addition to being able to leverage a lot of relationships I developed there. We also have an integration with HubSpot, a lot of HubSpot customers and HubSpot partners use our software to do their reporting where they pull data from HubSpot and Google Analytics and AdWords and Facebook ads, etc.

And then produce dashboards and reports that they can present to their clients or their bosses. And so, one of the articles we decided to do would be like let’s talk about all the HubSpot integrations that HubSpot partners like. And so we asked them, like, what’s your favorite HubSpot integration?

And then what we do is we kind of organize them in different areas that we’re providing some level of editorial guidance, I guess, to the contributions. It’s not just 35 random tips, right, that you have to scan through. So now if you’re looking for us with integrations, you can click here and see click here and see which category might be interested in right now.

And take you right to it. So that once you get there you see the different ones so belches one here, beacon, snap up, interactive content, Ciro’s great tool for interactive content creation.

Can I just ask you, for example, like here with Scott’s or David’s, whatever there? So at least two questions that you’ve asked them in the survey. Okay. What it does and value integration?

Yeah. So usually, we try to keep it to like 1 or 2 maximum open-ended questions. And so, in this case, it would be like, what’s your favorite integration? What does it do? And what’s the value of the integration? What is the actual integration? Part Two, right?

So, what does the tool do by itself and what does the integration do? So, we asked that case, it’s like one short form and two open ended longer form questions, so I can actually skip ahead. I think I have survey. Yeah, so here’s an example of a survey.

So, this is what’s your favorite? What’s your preferred project management tool? What’s your favorite feature of that tool? So, the article will end up being like, the most important features for project management tools for marketing agencies, that will be the title of the article.

So, you have for collecting email and name and company, so that we can tell them when it’s done, and we can link to their company. And then we asked them what their preferred project management tool is, whether they actually really like it or not, was one feature and then describe how that feature works.

So, the meat of this article will be the one feature that they will also get, because we’re asking some multiple choice questions will get, you know, probably trying to get 50 to 100 responses to this. And so, we’ll have a pretty good handle on what are the most popular project management tools for marketing agencies.


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