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Peter Sandeen

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More than half of Peter’s clients are marketing experts. Many of them specifically sell help with messaging, sales funnels, copywriting…that is, the things he helps them do for their own business.


Creating A Core Value Message To Improve Your Marketing

Having a powerful message can supercharge your business’ marketing and really bring you to the next level. The question is though, how do you craft a message that really stands out in your market?

What I do is work with clients to create these types of messages which I have been calling “Core Value Messages”. Core Value Messages are similar in concept to value propositions but everyone has their own ideas…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Peter’s success
Focus on communicating just the few most impactful things. Instead of listing 100 benefits like a used-car salesman, I focus on just the top 3. As a side note, focusing on just a few impactful things is kind of a theme in what I do. It’s far more efficient to do a few things well and quickly than having lots of projects half-finished.
Result if you follow the steps in Peter’s session
They’ll know what exact three ideas they should focus on in all their marketing, so their target customers will see the most desirable benefits they can get and understand why they shouldn’t go to any competitors. Each “idea” can be made up of a couple of sentences (the ideas aren’t as simple as “it’s cheap” or “you’ll save money”).

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At least half-decent copywriting course will tell you to list as many benefits as possible. When you do that, if you do it right it works, but most people it’s very difficult to do right. So, if you start let’s say I’d be selling you a used car and I’d be here telling that it’s very sporty and safe and spacious and cheap and ecological and family friendly and sporty and good-looking and easy to maintain it’s like just go on an on and on about basically every benefit imaginable.

 You would phase out completely after like five benefits. It would be almost impossible for you to believe that those would be somehow significant or especially present in my offer because every car is supposedly all those things. Or at least the typical used-car salesman is going to tell you that hopeful list of all those features about every car, so none of them seem any like like there’s any difference like there’s anything significant and in the end you don’t believe that.  But let’s say you’d be looking for or if the things that are most important.

The benefits that are  most important for you would be that  it’s family-friendly, ecological, and safe. Let’s say those would be your the kind of customer for whom those are the most important benefits, then what if I as the salesman was like, “ Well here’s a car, I don’t know if this is for you but this is the most family-friendly super ecological and just amazingly safe.”  If that’s for you then awesome. I have completely different cars over there are you interested. The perception is completely different. So there’s a place for the list of a hundred benefits and yes you should kind of talk about those. But if you don’t know exactly how to do it.

I mean if you’re not a professional copywriter then it’s probably better to focus on fewer but much more impactful benefits and make it just more specific to your target customers because if you can point out the three most important the most most desirable things in three seconds, they’ll they’ll listen compared to you giving them a less massive list of benefits. No one reads it because you really don’t get far into it.

Before you’re like well okay this is supposed to be everything clearly that’s not true, even if it is true. It still doesn’t create the perception of this is special this is truly as good as they’re trying to tell me it is.


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