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Ray Edwards

Founder of RayEdwards.com

Ray helps “believing achievers” start, run, and grow their Internet based businesses. If that’s you, this means you can have more joy, experience more passion, and achieve prosperity with purpose. He’s had the honor and privilege of working as a communications strategist and copywriter for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business.

Some of his clients include New York Times best-selling authors Tony Robbins (author of Awaken the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul), Jeff Walker (author of Launch), and many more.

He has what he calls a “Lifestyle Business”, which means he thought about what kind of life he wanted before he decided what kind of business he wanted. Either you control the business, or the business controls you.


Sales Copy Tips For A Successful Product Launch

Ok so I stole the title of my blog from Nora Ephron, but I agree with it 1000%. That’s why I decided to become the original product launch copywriter and why I’m here today.

Simply put, copy is writing that takes a persuasive point of view or encourages the reader to take a specific action. It’s the engine of all sales and marketing when it comes down to it and you can’t have a great product launch without great copy.

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There’s two different centers of the target, if you will, if you permit me. That two bull’s eyes.

One is your pre launch content. That’s the copy that you’re sending people before you actually make the product available for sale. That usually comes in the form of videos and emails.

And the emails are about the videos. So the emails sort of frame the way we’re going to watch the videos for on the receiving end.

So that’s where we use copy to set up their expectations about what’s going to be in this video. What am I going to get from watching this video or listening to this audio or reading this PDF? Whatever you’re giving them, it’s pre launch content.

Then there’s the pre launch content itself. So that content is going to help move them along a continuum where they’re more and more likely to realize I need to buy whatever is being sold here because it’s going to help me solve a problem. And we’ll come back to the solving a problem thing a little bit later.

Then the other big target is the sales copy itself, of the copy that sells the product. Most of us think of a sales letter, which we still use, of course, but usually, it’s also either in the form of a sales video or it’s accompanied by a sales video.

I have an opinion about what you should do a text sales or video sales letter. We can talk about that. Excuse me, we can talk about that later. Also, if you want to, but definitely you need to, at least one of those.

So those are the main places you’re going to use copy but there’s so many other places as well. But those are the big targets. You got to get those right or nothing else is going to work.

And what stage should you be writing your copy and focusing on other areas?

The best stage is before you’ve even made the product. So some people right now are like, oh I’ve already made the product. But sometimes people come to me and they say I want your help. But I don’t have a product yet.

And I say, perfect. And here’s why. Even if you’ve already made the product, pretend you haven’t. Because you can write the sales copy to the person who’s going to be your perfect customer. And write to them exactly what they need help with.

And if you can do that, your product will be perfectly matched to your buyers. And if you have already made the product, maybe it’s worth pretending you haven’t yet and make sure you’ve covered all the bases because you might find a big gaping hole in your actual product that you can fix before the launch.

Wouldn’t you rather fix it with a few long days before the launch than had to find out in the middle of the launch, Oh, this is not working because I left out a big important part of what we’re selling.

So the best time it’s like they say about, you know, when’s the best time to plant a fruit tree? Well, the best time
was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

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