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Ray Higdon

Owner and CEO at Ray Higdon

He has built a multi-million a year coaching and training business working from home using video. This was after being in Foreclosure when he started. The majority of his success has come from video marketing.


Daily Video Content Strategy To Connect Deeply With Your Audience

Video marketing is responsible for a huge chunk of my success as a business owner. It’s led to me having incredible connections with other people, often times people I’ve never met in real life but because the power of video I’ve been able to deeply impact their businesses and lives.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Ray’s success

 Using a daily video content strategy

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Daily video content that deeply connects to your audience and energizes them as prospects

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The two main things that we do are, we do, you know, blog videos. Blogging is, I love blogging. The reason I love blogging is I can track all of my traffic, I can see what people are doing, I can see where they’re going, I can watch my metrics and see what was a hot topic, what wasn’t, etc. So, we love blogging, been, you know, we’ve done over, I think we’re now over 1900 blogs last like six years.

So it’s pretty ridiculous. But our people love it. It keeps bringing new traffic back to the blog. And we love it the second time. So in a blog video, we tend, I would say 90% of the time we keep those three to five minutes, keep them short, I’m not looking to you know, I’m kind of anti what’s being taught right now.

What’s being taught right now is to do one epic blog post a week. We prefer that daily content. And the reason we do is we think of ourselves as a media company. And we think of ourselves as you know, does ESPN provide quality sports programming on a daily basis? So they do just do one major program once a week, and then they’re good to go.

Now, the people that are fans of ESPN consume information about sports every single day without fail. Same with our audience. Our audience loves personal development, sales, prospecting, recruiting advice, mindset, they love it, and they love it on a daily basis, they’re either going to get it from me, or they’re going to get it from other gurus, I would rather be the person handing it to them on a daily basis.

And so with blog videos, we usually keep them short, but 90% of the time, three to five minutes. The latest phenomenon, which we really started doing heavily, probably maybe six months ago, is live streaming. Good Lord, live streaming is frickin magical. I mean, we’ve done live streams that had 7700 people on live.

And those were not announced, we didn’t run ads to them, we literally, you know, I have a couple of tripods, we literally press the buttons and had 7700 people on live, that’s our record, that’s not normal. Normally, it’s closer to 1200, you know, in that range.

But you know, this one Friday with 7700 people, to get 7700 people on anything else, you could argue is impossible. I mean, I don’t know that I could get 7700 people on a webinar or any other format. But live is so powerful. You know, you got Facebook Live that wants to obliterate Periscope, and, you know, and so their Facebook is giving an extraordinary amount of oomph to their Facebook Live program.

You know, we had yesterday as of this recording, yesterday, we did a Facebook Live that reached 906,000 people. I was not with a boost, that was not with one nickel of ad spend. 906,000 reach. What can any of us as marketers do with 906,000 reach instantly?

We didn’t market it, we didn’t advertise it, we literally pressed the button. 906,000 reach. It’s crazy. And so you know, we really love live stream. We do those almost every day. We love blog posts, because those things do last forever. They stay out there and you know, people, we get leads and sales from blog videos that we’ve done five years ago.

So those are the two main types of videos that we like.

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