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Regina Anaejionu

Chief Ridiculousness Officer at By Regina

Regina Anaejionu is the Chief Ridiculousness Officer at byRegina.com. She is also an author and teacher who writes at least 2,000 words per day and publishes new content (in the form of an email or lesson) almost every single day.

Quality content has been the biggest driver of audience growth and business for Regina, and she has developed methods that help her create more quality in less time than she ever thought imaginable. She believes that content planning and repurposing, with a dash of creation, execution, and consistency will work wonders for any entrepreneur who wants to establish an engaged audience and popular information products.

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Prolific content planning

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Getting quality information out, making business more accessible to people and complete large projects with no stress

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It’s something I like to call prolific content planning. Because after the first maybe year, or maybe it was just six months of establishing this new site that I had at the time, this is you know, two three years ago now inspiregina.com site.

I had people emailing me and asking, like, how do you produce so much content, you have this many ebooks, you’re, you know, doing this, that and the other online and you have this many blog posts, like how is that possible?

And I was thinking like, this is so weird that I’m getting this question from so many people. Is that really like a lot of content? And so I started looking around at other blogs and podcasts and all of this stuff. And I was like, Okay, I guess it is.

And so I’ve been trying to package what it is I do in the planning process I go through because I don’t have more time in a day than anyone else does. But I think that if we can be smart about the way we approach plant product claiming it’s going to influence how much content we can put out. And, and basically also, just one quick note, I think we have to change the way.

So, a lot of us who are entrepreneurs didn’t originally come from the corporate world. And I think a lot of times we try to make these corporate work methods apply to what we’re doing now, which is just a much more creative, different space. We haven’t been selling information and coaching services on the web for 80 years, we’ve been doing it only for a few years.

And so, you can’t apply this corporate mindset and TPS reports, if anyone’s familiar with the, with that office space, maybe you can apply all of that concept to your work.

So we start to just feel bad when we’re not as productive as we could be, or when we don’t getas much done as we used to when we were working at regular jobs. And then that can just kind of spiral us into this like, not as productive state.

So long answer to your question. Prolific content planning. And it’s all about planning your products and then breaking them down in such a way that you‘re creating your products and the content that’s going to promote your product at the same time, and you can create a lot more.

This is really interesting. So there is a method to your content. And there is a specific goal with your content. So it’s not just about putting out specific, like random topics. This is all focused around in goal of promoting and selling a product.

Right like because to the outside world and to your audience, specifically, you’re only as productive or impressive as your last month or so of content. And what I mean by that is there are just so many outlets and voices in the online space that people can tune into that if you just fall off the map or you don’t have really epic content, people are going to get that same feeling as when they find a new show on Netflix that looks good.

And they’re like oh snap, I’m about to get into this and then they see it only has One season, and you’re like, oh, did it get cancelled? Like, I don’t want to invest my limited time in something that’s not going to be a long running thing.

So I don’t know if that analogy kind of makes sense. And so basically, yeah, it’s about teaching people how to create the most consistent, most quality content they can. And I typically think that that’s just about starting from what products do you want to release.

And so if you’re asking kind of like, what’s the goal of this of this style of content planning? It’s again, to create products at the same time as you’re creating the content that will promote those products.

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