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Robert Coorey

Co-Founder at Likeable Media
The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe“. Rob was recently listed by Startup Australia as one of Australia’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs. He almost broke the world record for most number of people in a webinar, has filled up dozens of live events, been featured extensively in the media and launched three best-selling books.

Rob uses the Kanban and Pomodoro methodology to manage multiple high-end clients simultaneously without stressing out. Also will include best practices for managing agency clients.


How I Use A Kanban Board To Boost My Productivity Over A Week

As a co-founder in a fast growing software business it’s important to me that I leverage my time in the best way possible. There is a tool I found that has really made it easy for me to get tasks done called Kanbanflow. It’s a free productivity tool you can use to boost your personal and professional productivity.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Robert’s success
Using Kanban Board to boost my productivity over a week.
Result if you follow the steps in Robert’s session
A boost to your productivity and task completion over a week by engaging in focused deep work for defined periods of time.

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So this is the way that I suppose like having like a number of different private clients. It’s not always easier to kind of manage your time and spirit equally and one of my mantras is that I want every private client to feel like they’re the only client that I have. So like I’m a.. because their pay is very well like it’s it’s very important to me.

They get immaculate service and rapid response times and that all their work gets done when I say that it’s going to be done. So if I say, look your your marketing phone’s going up in two weeks I’m going to make sure that’s up in two weeks more even faster if possible so to do that yeah when you’ve got one or two clients you can kind of manage it but once you start going into more and more clients like it gets trickier and forget about it to deliver that and what I also found was that like I can get quite distracted easily like as we all do but socially you’re in emails and phone calls something like that and so I was thinking like what’s like a methodology that I can use to ensure that yes even if I do get distracted or take phone calls or have meetings or things like that like how do I make sure that I get the core things done every day?  

You know this book called deep work and it’s like you know there’s some things that are just deeply you need to get done and they’re the most impact well I look at each time and I’m like we’ll call like one of those you know what’s that deep work that I can do that it’s absolutely essential that only I can do that needs to get done and then that goes that goes on the Kanban flow board and it gets actioned.

So I thought it might just a screen and clear run you through word how like a this is not like my exact ball because it’s got like my private client names and confidential information but I’ve kind of just made a little faction more general but you can still get the same gist of how it all works yeah brilliant so it’s great that you’ve come it’s been from Dutchman to how you use this Kanban tool do you want to just tell us what actually I mean it probably awesome while you’re at your showing us what this tool actually is yeah so it’s a free online tool Kanban flow calm they’ve got a paid version that’s five dollars a month which I’m not currently subscribed to.

 I’m still on the free version. It works fantastically well and so it’s basically just a tool where you can put down all the different tasks that you have but then you can kind of drag and drop them between different categories and so I’ve seen like people use this ten different ways but what I’ve done is basically workout all might.

So if you can if you can see my screen here on the left hand side here is all mine to do is coming up so this is kind of like my bucket list so or just a dump list whenever I get a new task that I need to do I just kind of put it here when I haven’t worked out when I’m gonna do it let and then what I do here is work out from Monday to Friday for each week I work out all the things I want to get done that week, what day that they’re gonna be on, and and what order that I do them in.

The other cool thing is that so the the whole Kanban/Pomodoro methodology is that you  spend you break each task up into how many Pomodoro’s that you think it’s going to take and a Pomodoro essentially is a 25-minute task o what I’ve done this is to customize this and make each one like each color a different Pomodoro amount so for example like on Monday when I’m choosing my new gym that’s a pretty simple task so I can get that done in 25 minutes they just
look around on Google find a few gems call them up and and pick one to go in for a trial class now when I’m doing that new proposal format for our agency that’s a bit more work so cut that down as to Pomodoro’s.

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