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Robert Tyson

Founder at The Tyson Report

Robert Tyson is a specialist in online and direct marketing with more than 12 years experience in the industry.

Robert is the editor of The Tyson Report, author of The Essential Guide To Growing Your Profits With Email Marketing, and Autoresponder Email Insights: The Low-Cost, Low-Effort Way to Get More Customers.

Robert has presented live marketing seminars for approximately 1,000 business owners in the last two years and been invited to speak at Twickenham Stadium and Google Campus.

Robert holds a BA from the University of Warwick. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, and the Internet Marketing Association.

Brand Republic ranks Robert in the Top 20 UK Marketing and Advertising Influencers On Social Media. He is a Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professional, and has been selected as a Sage Business Expert in Marketing.

Invited to judge the Website of the Year Awards 2015, he is followed by over 90,000 people on Twitter, and thousands more listen to his 5* rated podcasts on iTunes every fortnight.

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Well, I think we touched on the idea that it’s going to be personal. You know, I think if you know, most of the people I think who will be watching this, no small businesses should try to make their email marketing more personal.

So, it should come from you know, if it comes from one person. And so that means that it says in the from, you know, this is from the Liam Austin, this is Robert Tyson, this is from John Smith or whatever, that’s always going to be better than, you know, this comes from x y, z company, you know.

So, I think that the whole thing of making it more like a personal email is the way to go for most small businesses.

And how do you measure that? Like, how do you know whether it’s working? Is it like, you want to be asking a question in your email so you can see how many responses you get? Or is it by the number of opens or clicks? Or how do you gauge whether you know your person, know emails, and you know, the way that you’re writing and you’re engaging emails that are they are actually engaging?

Well, yeah, I mean, obviously, I guess you are looking for feedback, you know what I mean, is replies and that kind of thing. But I mean, ultimately, ultimately, none of us is doing this for our health. And, you know, as much as it’s fun to interact an email, we, you know, the ultimate measure is what are we making sales from this?

And it’s important to note that opens and clicks are not the same thing. You know, they’re a useful indicator, but in many ways, you know, it’s the easiest thing in the world to get clicks from your email list because you just do a pure curiosity email, they just say, oh, gosh, you know, you’ll never believe this. Click this link to find out more.

And it’s like, yeah, you’ll get lots of clicks doing that, but they won’t have any buying intent because you’ve not built any desire. So, I think people often mistake the two things, you know, yes, opens or opens are important.

Yes, clicks are important, but don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is why we want to be getting new customers, new clients, we want people to be buying stuff ultimately.

Very good point, you know, we’re talking about, you know, engagement. And I’m thinking, is it replies, is it clicks? Is it, you know, opens? And you’re like, no, like, look at your bottom line. I mean, as you said, you’re not doing it for your health or for fun.

This is about, you know, making money. And I think all the steps that you’re, you’re talking about there with your formula, and suggestions and recommendations are leading to how you can make more money from your audience. And that’s, that really should be the end goal in everything that people are doing in terms of their emails, right?

Yeah, sure. I mean, you know, we don’t have to be, we’d have to feel guilty about this or think that this is a cynical thing to do. And we can have fun doing it. And we can have good relationships with people while we’re doing it.

But ultimately, yeah, that has to be the measure of success, doesn’t it? You know, are we, is it helping us grow our business in a tangible way? So, yeah, I think that’s what people ultimately have to look out for.

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